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6 Stories of People Making a Difference That You Need to Hear

By October 11, 2021Blog

Here at The Forgotten Initiative, I have the opportunity to serve as the Coaching Director. That means that each day I get to support, encourage, and invest in our Advocates across the country. Let me tell you: We have had and currently have some incredible people on our team. They are making a huge difference throughout the foster care community in their local area.

This month is an exciting one as applications are open to become a TFI Advocate. I am eager to meet and support the new leaders who take this step!

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to talk with and learn from some of these leaders, and I’d like to share their stories with you today. I hope this will be an encouragement for you to hear what God is doing. I also hope this may be a catalyst for you to consider taking this step as your next step to support your local community.

Here are 6 stories of people making a difference that you need to hear:

Two Sides Of Reunification: A Dad and a Foster Mom

The journey to reunification is never an easy road. The emotional toll of the process is draining, yet there is beauty in the restoration of families. In this episode, we get the honor of introducing you to a dad who has walked a very difficult road but has been an overcomer in many ways, including working through the foster care system to reunite with his precious little girl. Jay’s story is incredible. He shares what his life was like growing up and how he found himself involved with the foster care system. And as a special treat, Liz, the foster mom who cared for his little girl (and an Advocate here at TFI), joined us in the conversation too! She shares what it was like to meet Jay for the first time, and what their relationship looks like today. This conversation was an encouragement, and I know it will be for you too.


When God Directs Your Passion

Isn’t it crazy how God can redirect our passions to make a difference in ways we never dreamed possible? This is Leah Johnson’s story. Leah lives in North Carolina and has been a TFI Advocate in Mitchell and Yancey Counties for over a year now and she is sharing how God has used her passion to lead her on a journey to ultimately partner with us at TFI. In this episode, she shares her story, the incredible God stories of being able to provide for various needs in her community, what her relationship has been like with local agencies, becoming God-conscious instead of self-conscious, and more. Hoping this conversation is an encouragement to you today!


Through the Waiting and the Wanting

Today’s guests are some of our favorite people and are no strangers to the call to foster or adopt.  Jamey and Sarah McIntosh are TFI Advocates in Chippewa Valley, WI who felt the pull to this work early in their lives (even before they were married!). They have such a big heart for foster care, adoption, and advocacy. I hope you will be inspired by their journey and the lessons they have picked up along the way, how God has shaped them in the waiting periods, and even how they’ve learned to let go of control.


When You Can’t Step Away: Life After Foster Parenting

In this one, get an inside look at the types of conversations our team gets to have each day. This is a conversation with Kara Reid, a previous Advocate for many years in Northwest Oklahoma, all about ministry and lessons she’s learned throughout her 6 years as an Advocate. Seriously, our Advocates are some of the best; they see and show up for agency workers, foster parents, vulnerable adults, and children involved with foster care, and not only personally do they do that, but they mobilize the church to do that too! Listen in!


Navigating Court: Understanding Your Role as a Foster Parent

Our guest, Tony Whitley, is no stranger to foster care. Once a child in foster care, now a foster parent and a former TFI Advocate, he’s seen the court process from many sides, and he’s not running from it. Tony helps shed new light on court and the players involved in the system. Today’s conversation will help you walk into court informed, knowing the purpose of the hearing you’re attending, and what your role is in the process. Use this as your launchpad as you navigate your way through the court system. And as an opportunity to learn more about his time as a TFI Advocate!


Advocating for The Foster Care Community with The Forgotten Initiative

When Josh and Liz saw a need within their foster care community, they knew they had to do something about it. Instead of launching and fundraising for a new nonprofit, they joined up with The Forgotten Initiative, where they were equipped with all types of resources including a graphic designer, strategic planning sessions, and video calls with Advocates around the country, so they didn’t have to reinvent any wheels.

In this episode, Josh and Liz share more about the practical help TFI provides, but also what it’s like to be part of the TFI Family where Advocates are rooting for one another, willing to sit with one another in the hard, and always pointing one another towards loving God.


I hope that at least a few of these conversations are impactful for you, and you’re able to listen! We are so proud of our TFI Advocates and the work they are doing. In fact, this role is why we exist!

Our mission is to see people everywhere support the foster care community and experience Jesus together. We do that by equipping people just like you to launch and lead a thriving foster care ministry right in your area. Ultimately, to bridge the gap between local churches and agencies.

Are you our next TFI Advocate? If you are passionate about the foster care community and passionate about Jesus, I want to encourage you to check out the details and apply! You can find it all right here.

You Can Make a Difference.

Become a TFI Advocate.

Personalized Coaching. Professional Resources. Intentional Community.
Everything you need to launch and lead a thriving ministry.


Gaelin Elmore

Competitive, outgoing, and passionate are three characteristics Gaelin brings with him wherever he goes. He enjoys spending time with people, thought-provoking conversation, and a challenging board game. Gaelin also has a deep passion for biblical justice. After a difficult childhood and upbringing, God gave Gaelin a heart for all those who are forgotten or overlooked. That heart and passion drives everything he does. Gaelin and his wife, Micaela, are new parents to a wonderful daughter and can’t wait to see what’s in store for their family.

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