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April 2017 Monthly Update

By April 4, 2017April 27th, 2019Monthly Update

Happy April, friends!

Here is a quick typed out overview of the April Monthly Update incase you don’t have time to watch!

Core Value Focus this month is – 2. Grow through Service – As TFI Advocates, we are here to serve!

  • We get to serve our agencies as an on-going, consistent presence, showing-up and building long-term relationships with the workers.
  • *Note: if you do not have one main contact at an agency that acts as the liaison between the rest of the agency and you, I would really encourage you to find that person because it helps streamline all the communication.
  • We also get to serve our church partners!  We provide them with the needs and opportunities to serve.  We as TFI provide the opportunities and they get to be the hands and feet of Jesus and together the foster care community is served.


  1. We are deep into preparations for the Advocate Retreat coming up in September and we are SO excited to be with many of you this year!
    • Many of you have responded with an RSVP, if you still need to do that, please do – we cannot promise you a room, but will try our best to get you one.
    • Our theme this year is Togetherness! We are incorporating much of the feedback we received from you last year.  So we are going to have a really good time… together!
  2. Reminder to set up your new tracking system with Holly if you have not already.
    • I’ve been personally using this for my advocate area and it is really great.
    • I love the example page that Holly created, it helps to remind you of how exactly to do it each month.
  3. We are working on launching a new series of resources for you called Train the Trainer. Our goal is to equip you as you start new TFI programs and train your people.
    • This first video resource in the series will be on “The Foster Care Community.”  Which highlights who each member of the community is as well as why and how they need the Church. You will be able to use this in Mentoring trainings, Families Serving Families trainings and even just awareness events.  More details will be coming soon.

That does it for this month’s update!  Know that we are in your corner.  God is working in and through you.  Thank you for being here.