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April 2018 Monthly Update

By April 2, 2018April 27th, 2019Monthly Update


As we head into our spring season, I just want to encourage you to focus on who we are as TFI!
Our Core Values…. We are here to:

  1. Honor God
  2. Grow Through Service
  3. Communicate
  4. Celebrate

Let’s keep these at the forefront of our minds as we serve our agencies, serve our churches, serve our teammates and others in the community.

We are in your corner. We are here to lift up your arms and serve you. So let us know how we can continue to support you.


I’m Mitch, the graphic designer for TFI. I am here to support YOU in bringing joy and purpose to the foster care community! I create resources for you, like print materials, social media graphics and helping equip you in those ways.

Mitch’s TFI Core Value focus–CELEBRATE! It is so important personally, and in our ministries, to be celebrating what God is doing in and through us. If we are not looking back on what God has done in our lives before, when we hit hard times and things are tough, it’s going to be hard to remember what it is He has done and to be able to see through until the end of it.

I encourage you, today, take some time and write down what God has done through your TFI ministry and in your life. You will then see those things on a piece of paper and be reminded of the blessings God has done in your life and see through until the end of it. God has never let you down and he’s not going to start now.



Statement of Faith Update

  • At TFI we are all about CCOC (Crystal Clear Over Communication). We took a look at our Statement of Faith and determined that we wanted to make it even more clear. You will notice some changes in the language and added verses. Please take a look at the updates and let us know if you have any questions or concerns!
  • We understand you are the ones who give out the Statement of Faith to those in your community and sometimes that can be awkward. Especially, if there is a volunteer who does not agree to the Statement of Faith. We want to help you walk through these situations and answer any questions you have. So, please come to us! We are here for you.
  • Statement of Faith Update on Documents: We have already started updating the Statement of Faith on all documents/webpages/forms. If your area has any documents or forms with the Statement of Faith on it, we’ll send you an updated version this month!
  • (Updated Statement of Faith is located on the Resource Page under “Updates & New Resources” AND “Statement of Faith”)

Resource Request Page

  • We are here to support YOU! Please do not hesitate to request resources to be created. We know sometimes you need more than we currently have to offer and this is one of the reasons we are here—to resource you! We now have a streamlined approach for requests (link below). We love making your job easier, so you can focus more on bringing Jesus to your community.
  • Just go to

New Resources to Utilize

PSA (Public Service Announcement)
  • 30 Second, audio recording with a quick overview of TFI. You can use this to share on local radio stations!
  • (Located on the Resource Page under “Updates & New Resources” AND “PSA”)
Journey Bags
  • New Slide: Use this when a church is promoting and doing Journey Bags
  • Tags have been updated to make the sizes bigger and easier to see
  • (Both of these are located on the Resource Page under “Updates & New Resources” AND “TFI Initiative | Service Projects” >> “Journey Bags”)
NEW TFI Promo Materials
  • Table Tents & Book Mark – Overview of TFI and the new Who Loves Series
  • Forgotten Podcast promo cards
  • Email Holly to request any of these promo materials!


  • We have received the first shipment of 2 of the books of the Who Loves Series. They look AMAZING!
  • We will be sending out 2 bundles to each of you in May!
  • Learn more at

May is Foster Care Month

  • We plan to promote the Who Loves Series and encourage people to buy the books for foster families and children in foster care in their communities!
  • Will you join us? We will be sharing graphics in your May Graphics Pack for this.


  • Mitch shared about the importance of celebrating and reflecting on God’s work in our lives and ministries. Just a reminder, celebrate with us, too!
  • Call (815) 617-9068 to leave a voicemail with your celebration OR email us! We LOVE celebrating with you!!