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August 2017 Monthly Update

By August 5, 2017April 27th, 2019Monthly Update

Core Value – #2 Grow through Service

We are here to serve our agency representatives, our church partners and we’re also here, as advocates, to serve our TEAM, our Coordinators helping us grow this mission in our communities.

New Advocate

Shannon Spaid, Bloomington, IL (taking over Jami’s Advocate role). Welcome, Shannon!

National Team New Hire

We are in the process of hiring someone for a full-time graphic design role. This is so we can better serve YOU and bring more awareness to the foster care community and continue our mission of bringing joy and purpose.

A Tip to Consider

Look for resources/ministries in our community that you can utilize. For example, in Bloomington, IL we have a local ministry called King’s Closet. This ministry does all things clothing! TFI Bloomington no longer accepts or donates clothing, but all clothing requests and donations go through King’s Closet! So, continue to learn about other resources in your community because we, as TFI, do not need or want to be everything to everyone, we want to do what we can do really well and also work with others in our community so that all together, we can serve our communities well!


Church Partnership Packet – We have prepared this packet for you so you can easily get people involved! This can be for an entire church, small groups in a church OR individual small groups/people you are connected to who have desire to serve. This packet helps give a church contact a clear picture of what partnership looks like with TFI and can be tailored to each group’s desire to serve. We hope this will be a resource that helps God’s people get engaged more easily in serving the foster care community!

Foster Care Community Training Video – It’s a video with 4 parts that explains who each part of the foster care community is – agency workers, foster parents, vulnerable adults ands children. This is a great resource for Mentor or Families Serving Families trainings or as your training new small groups to show them who the foster care community is.

Please review both the Facilitator Training Overivew and Guide before utilizing this resource.