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August 2018 Monthly Update

By August 6, 2018April 27th, 2019Monthly Update


We have been walking through our core values over the last few months.

Today we are on #3 – that’s right…COMMUNICATE.

This was a core value that was actually added after we were living with the other core values for awhile because we realized how important communication is to build a healthy organization.

We are a CCOC organization. That stands for Crystal Clear Over Communication.

Avoiding miscommunication is tricky whether we:

  • Live with a person
  • Work in the same office as a person
  • And especially as we serve together with miles separating us

At TFI CCOC looks like:

  • Asking for a conversation to clarify something you don’t understand
  • It looks like letting us know if you are unable to make a meeting or Round Table
  • Sending a follow-up email to the pastor you just met with next steps/action items to be clear everyone is on the same page
  • Responding to an email with a simple, “On it.” or “Got it!” so the person on the other end knows you have received what they sent

I want us to be an organization that over communicates rather than assumes. So that is my challenge to all of us.

And here’s the good news, we will always have opportunities to extend each other and ourselves grace because we will under communicate at times, overpromise and underdeliver and have misunderstandings.

BUT if we focus on CCOC and even more so, humbly admit it when we miss the mark, then TFI and in turn, the mission of bringing joy and purpose to the foster care community will grow and God’s name will become more famous!!

And that is our big WIN!


Advocate Retreat

We are so excited to be with many of you next month at the Advocate Retreat! If you can’t make it, we will be recording all the sessions, so you can learn right alongside us what we’ll be focusing on!

Those attending, please send in the logistical information Holly has requested from you.

Attending Retreat Info Link

If you’re not attending, please still let us know 3 things you feel that you do well in your area that you’d be willing to talk about with other Advocates. We want to continue to grow together as a community of ministry leaders and we believe this will help. Please email these things to Holly.


We have created a survey to find out how we are doing. We want to support, encourage and coach you well, so let us know what you like, what you don’t like and what we can improve on! Please fill out by Friday, August 31st!

Survey Link

Social Media Policy

This is really more of some guidelines and best practices for social media to represent TFI the best we can. Please read through it and make sure to share it with any team members who also have access to your TFI Facebook page.

Download Social Media Policy


We have just brought on Shannon Spaid–Advocate in Bloomington, IL–as Administrative Support on to TFI National. Shannon will still remain in her volunteer Advocate role, but will also be serving on TFI National part-time. She will be taking over some of the day-to-day tasks for Holly and Holly is transitioning into the new role of Operations Director.