Full Job Description

Ministry Coach

Reports to: Ministries Director
Status: Full Time, Exempt (40 hrs/wk)
Salary Range: $40,00-$45,000 plus benefits
Location: TFI Office in Bloomington, IL

Remote employment may be considered for exceptional candidates.

Job Summary

The Ministry Coach provides virtual personalized coaching to foster care ministry leaders (TFI Advocates) as they build and lead a TFI ministry in their local community. TFI Advocates build relationships with church leaders, foster care agency staff, and volunteers as they work to raise awareness, provide encouragement, and equip the church to meet the needs of the foster care community. The Ministry Coach acts as a sounding board, strategist, and guide, ensuring that each leader knows their path forward in accomplishing their ministry goals, has opportunities for engagement with the TFI community, and has the resources they need to lead a sustainable ministry.

Duties and Responsibilities

Personalized Coaching
  • Schedule, prepare for, and lead 60-minute coaching calls with 30-35 TFI Advocates at an agreed pace based upon stage of ministry development: monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly
  • Together with each TFI Advocate, identify key steps in furthering goals related to building trusted relationships with local church leadership, foster care agency staff, and volunteers as TFI Advocates create repeatable, predictable on-ramps of engagement for churches to meet the identified needs of the foster care agency
  • Encourage the development of each TFI Advocate and her ministry by asking thoughtful questions and providing resources for ministry and leadership growth
  • Listen for, assess, and work with TFI Advocates to identify solutions to overcoming obstacles or impediments to achieving identified goals
  • Provide ongoing encouragement to TFI Advocates, keeping agreed upon goals within the TFI Advocate’s view while also walking with them as whole people, using discernment to know when and what encouragement might look like
  • Guide TFI Advocates in knowing how to develop team members, assisting in the evaluation of team member applicants such that TFI Advocates would confidently coach those under their leadership
  • Nurture the continued growth of TFI Advocates toward greater understanding and commitment to carrying out TFI culture
  • Ensure each TFI Advocate completes yearly assessments, such that TFI might better understand its collective impact and provide a space of feedback for TFI Advocates
  • With the Ministries Director, prepare, guide, and see TFI Ministries through leadership changes such that the church and agency is supported continuously, and the next leader is equipped, or when unable to change leaders, close out existing TFI Ministry

Community Facilitation

  • Care for TFI Advocates through avenues established by the Community Specialist
  • Brainstorm, organize, and lead small group opportunities for TFI Advocates to share stories and strategies with each other, thereby deepening relationships within TFI
  • Connect TFI Advocates in natural ways where ministry activity or personal circumstances overlap and friendship might grow
Content Creation
  • Identify gaps in current resourcing to TFI Advocates in terms of content related to ministry and leadership development
  • Develop, write, and deliver new or expanded ministry and leadership content that is clear, engaging, inspiring, and practical to be used in various contexts: workshops, small group coaching, ongoing resource library building, in-person or virtual events, and any others as needed
  • Research and understand existing ministry and leadership tools, assessments, and general resources available both within and outside the organization that could be beneficial, pursuing certifications and advanced training when applicable to increase expertise
  • With the Ministries Team, strategize, determine, and carry out content plans for annual events, working with TFI Advocates who will be speakers, coaching each regarding what is needed and ensuring that what is created fits the needs
Engagement with TFI Culture
  • Weekly: Cultivate a dependent heart trusting in the Lord, gathering prayer requests from TFI Advocates and actively participating in a prayer meeting with TFI National
  • Weekly: Meet one-on-one with Ministries Director bringing victories, challenges, and areas of desired coaching to the meeting
  • Weekly: Engage in an all-team meeting with discussion centered around personal connection, spiritual growth, and the larger TFI culture
  • Monthly: Participate in the Ministries Team meeting with specific focus on evaluating and looking ahead to development within coaching, resourcing, and community-building among TFI Advocates
  • Yearly: Attend a 2-3 day in-person planning offsite to cast vision, grow team connection, and set and refine ministry goals, which takes place each spring
  • Yearly: Build connections with TFI Advocates by attending and leading sessions in-person at the Advocate Retreat, which takes place each fall

A qualified candidate has:

  • Deep love for Jesus and the local church and desire to see local churches engage in loving their community
  • High-level understanding of various church contexts, acknowledging differences in practice
  • Understanding of foster care, including its four groups, as well as a how a case moves through the system
  • Ability to build rapport quickly, communicating with compassion and empathy while helping leaders move toward their goals
  • Attention to detail with the ability to organize tasks with various deadlines, creating personal structure while also working within the structures set by others
  • Takes initiative, manages ambiguity, and seeks answers to questions by researching best-practices and developing content to fit the context when needed
  • 3 years or more of successful experience working in one of the following areas: leadership coaching, ministry development, counseling, local church leadership, volunteer management, or a related field
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent

Working Conditions and Requirements

At TFI, every staff member and intern is expected to fully engage in the culture of the organization. An essential function within every position held by a staff member or intern at TFI is to uphold and represent TFI and our beliefs in all areas of personal and professional life.