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Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

By November 4, 2019November 20th, 2020Monthly Update


CCOC – what does this mean? Crystal Clear Over-communication.

We are all about this here at TFI – in fact, it’s core value #3!

Why is crystal clear over-communication so important?

Because the enemy – wants to destroy relationships, tear down unity, and erode our trust of one another.

When we fail to communicate clearly, we open the door to misunderstandings, frustration, confusion and if left unaddressed, will build up walls.

With us serving in different areas all across the United States, CCOC is that much more important.

Here at National, we are crazy about communication and yet we still fall into miscommunication at times. That is okay. That is normal. When this happens, we address it, gain clarity, and move forward together.

Team, let’s work together to over-communicate so we don’t give the enemy ANY foothold as we do the work God has called us to do of helping people ev everywhere support the foster care community AND experience Jesus together!

CCOC – what’s that mean? Crystal Clear Over-communication.


Become a TFI Advocate Link

We recently updated the information for people to learn about the TFI Advocate role!

Check-out the Become an Advocate link and if you have people in nearby areas interested in the Advocate role–this is the best first step for them to make. 

Update on Resources

Mitch has been working hard to update resources with the new branding. He’s still in the process of doing that, but keep checking the Resource Page for updated things. 

We have also added a tool to the top of the Resource Page to give you direction on Editing, Saving, and Printing your resources! Check it out! 

TFI Teams Connect

Spring 2020 will bring TFI Teams Connect! Check-out the promo video and don’t forget to share with your team! RSVP by December 18th!


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