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December 2017 Monthly Update

By December 3, 2017April 27th, 2019Monthly Update

Core Value Focus

Last month we focused on Honor God, and we are going to focus on it again! The holidays bring out our big emotions, whether it’s happy, sad, stress or something else. I want to challenge you, and myself, to stop and be still. ENJOY the moments in front of you.

Celebration Story

Madison Flack in Galesburg, Illinois.

“Last weekend, on Orphan Sunday, we had a prayer night for the community at my church. I emailed my agency contact with the Center for Youth and Family Solutions, her name is Erica, and asked for prayer requests. She emailed back and asked to pray for the staff—for well-being and morale and safety.

So, earlier this week, I met with her for lunch just to check in and just to bless her. She told me that (and I knew that she went to church) she’s not really one to open up or share a lot of her feelings, but recently she and her husband have been getting more involved in their church and they started going to Sunday school. And, after I had emailed her and asked for specific prayer requests, she—in their bulletin they have something they can write prayer requests on and then put it in the offering plate—she decided, “Well, I can ask my church to pray for the case workers and the foster care community,” so she started filling it out. Her husband looked at her like, “What are you doing?” But she put it in the offering plate and then her pastor called her and he’s like, “Tell me more about this.” So she was able to share with him more about specifically praying for the foster care community and our event that we were having on Orphan Sunday. That was just really encouraging to see her growth in that—something as simple as me asking for prayer requests helped her to step out and ask her church to pray. I thought that was really encouraging!”


  1. December Monthly Graphics are Up!
  2. Gobena Updates
    • We have created one main TFI Gobena fundraising page where all the TFI Advocate areas with a Gobena account are listed. Now you can simply point people to and they can choose to shop through your area!
    • We have created a Christmas flyer for you to promo Gobena for Christmas! Encourage people to buy gifts AND support your local foster care community at the same time! DOWNLOAD
      • There is also a Gobena Christmas Facebook Promo image in the December Graphics Pack!

Reminders for End Of Year things

  1. Please turn in ALL checks before December 31st so donors can receive receipts for their 2017 tax year.
  2. Turn in all receipts for reimbursement now, as it’s the end of the quarter.
  3. It’s time for tracking! We want to celebrate what God is doing through His people. Please make sure all your months are up to date in One Note and be on the look out for an email from Holly for the 6 month tracking form AND emails she may send with clarifying questions.
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