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Empowering Foster Care Advocates Across the Nation

By October 17, 2022Blog

At the end of September, our National team spent time in Kansas City with most of our TFI Advocates from all across the nation. We call this event our Advocate Retreat, and it is our most important event of the year. As you may know, we have TFI Advocates in over 40 communities across the country who are working each and every week to be the bridge between local churches and local foster care agencies.

This is why we exist! The work our TFI Advocates are doing is core to helping us accomplish the vision of seeing people everywhere supporting the foster care community and experiencing Jesus together.

During our Retreat, we were able to deepen relationships with one another, support our Advocates through leadership training, and encourage them in the leadership giftings God has given each of them.

Here’s an inside look from our time together:

I never get tired of looking at the map of the communities our Advocates are serving. It truly is incredible to see, and all credit goes to our incredible God. He is the one making this possible, and we want to continue to trust His leading every step of the way.

Want to see more about those in the Advocate role? Here are other articles we’ve featured:

For the rest of October, applications are open to become a TFI Advocate, and I’d love to invite you to look deeper into whether this opportunity may be for you. Currently, we have TFI Advocates serving in the gaps all across the country in nearly 30 states, each of them connecting the Church with agencies so that the foster care community experiences the love of Jesus as the church meets their needs.

And you don’t have to do it alone. Our National team exists to help people like you launch and lead thriving foster care ministries, and we have an entire staff dedicated to helping you with personalized coaching, professional resources, and intentional community.

(If you have a desire to support the foster care community in a bigger way, and have a passion to see people experience Jesus, we’d love to talk with you!)

Jami Kaeb

Adoption, foster care, and advocacy were not part of Jami’s dreams for her life, but God changed her heart when He made her aware, and she is passionate about helping others become aware too! She and her husband Clint are parents to their seven children (five through adoption).

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