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We’re In Our New Office!

By February 4, 2019April 27th, 2019Monthly Update


It is such a privilege to serve with you all to bring joy and purpose to the foster care community! It’s awesome to also watch God’s people move and give them purpose in their lives as well. We also get to experience joy in our lives when we get to be a part of this big picture.

Annie Persinger (TFI Advocate: Mobile County) said it so well:

What she’s learned as an Advocate—

“God is showing me that my efforts are empty without Him. He does the heart-stirring. He does the heart-changing. He breaks down barriers. I just have to show up – and this role truly just gives me a front seat to what He is doing!”

A practical example of how God does show up–

Jamey & Sarah McIntosh (TFI Advocates: Chippewa Valley)

“We have been hosting a dinner and providing childcare for a monthly support/info meeting that one of our local agencies runs for the past year and a half. Jamey and I have been burdened by trying to cover all the details for this meeting, in addition to being Advocates. We decided to let the agency know that we would provide childcare through the end of 2018, and then we would stop this January because we didn’t have enough volunteers. In December, a couple from our church saw Instant Family and asked what they could do. We talked with them about taking over these meetings. They came to help at the December meeting and decided they could take the meetings over in 2019! We are thrilled that we can continue to offer both childcare and a meal to these social workers and foster parents!”

We want to see EVERY community being served! Guys, there are still too many underserved communities across our nation — maybe some of them are down the road from you…or maybe in your state? You can’t be the Advocate for every community…but maybe God is going to use you to also help raise up Advocates?! Keep on following hard after Jesus and taking one step at a time. I love you and I love serving with you!!


New TFI Office

Our office has moved!
Our new address is:
500 E. Bell St. Unit #2, Bloomington, IL 61701

DONATIONS still go to:
TFI Attn. Accounting
PO Box 40, Gridley, IL 61744

New phone number: 309-319-7410


Some reminders when sending reimbursement requests.

  • Please send only through email—no longer through the mail.
  • Use the new form we shared a few months ago LINKed on the resource page and here.
  • Only put TFI expenses on your TFI receipts. Need to purchase personal items? No problem, just do 2 separate transactions!
  • Please turn in receipts monthly so they don’t pile up and we can get you your money ASAP!

TFI Advocate Retreat

You should have received your invite to the Advocate Retreat on September 18th-20th!

Please RSVP by March 8th so we can reserve your spot!

New Advocate

We are so excited to welcome to the TFI family, Carley Wheeler, our first Advocate in Indiana! Check out her Facebook page here!


Website Status

You’ve heard us talk about the fact that we are in the process of building a new TFI Website, and it’s going really well!

In fact, what Jami talked about in the last MU came out of the Discovery phase of the website process.

Awareness, Encouragement, and Advocacy are truly impacting the way we communicate about TFI across the board.

Whether it be in how we think about our blog or podcast, how we onboard new Advocates or even how we create resources to help you serve—this new messaging is what we’re all about!

The branding of an organization speaks volumes, and we want the TFI brand to be centered around Awareness, Encouragement, and Advocacy, and we’ve decided that this moment in TFI is a perfect time to redesign the TFI brand. We’ll have a new logo, new colors, new fonts, but be assured—TFI is not changing. We’re simply enhancing what has existed since the beginning—the love of Jesus and serving the foster care community.

Don’t worry! There is not a magical switch I can flip to instantly change the logo on everything. Don’t start throwing away your resources and don’t stop wearing your TFI merch. The rollout of this new branding will be a process, so bear with us.

We could not be more excited for all of these changes to the website and branding of TFI. The best is yet to come, and we are so glad you are on this journey with us.

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