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Giving Something Other Than *Just* Your Money!

This Giving Tuesday we want to highlight some different ways you can give!


While giving money is ALWAYS appreciated, we believe there are so many other ways to give!

Time: Give your time! Sign up to help at an event, spend time with a foster family who may be struggling (going to go out on a limb and say every foster family is struggling in some way😅). Run an errand, pick up a child from practice, read a book, etc.

Voice: Give your voice! Stand up for a cause. Share awareness, advocate, become an ally for the foster care community. Learn local facts about the foster community and talk about them with your friends and family. Share resources or posts on social media, speak up!

Kindness: Give kindness! Send a text, give someone a call, check in on each other. As a foster parent, it means the world to me when someone checks in on my family. It can feel lonely to be in the foster care world at times-spread kindness today!

Prayer: Give prayer! This is the most important and beneficial one of all, and can (& should) be done any and every day of the year! Reach out to learn specific prayer requests. Commit to pray for an agency worker, a foster family, a foster child, etc. prayer is important, powerful, and CHANGES things!
sign up to pray intentionally here!

These are just a few ideas for you to consider on this Giving Tuesday! We hope you think intentionally about how you and your family will give not only today, but throughout the new year!