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2020 Here We Come!!

By January 6, 2020November 20th, 2020Monthly Update


2020 is here! A new year brings with it a host of possibilities.

Are you a new year’s resolutions kind of person? Maybe you like to pick one word to focus on for the year or maybe you have some other tradition all together.

No matter how you enter this year, there is one thing we can be assured of: you will not do it perfectly.

Perfectionism is the thief of joy.

Perfectionism will rob you of motivation.

So perfect should not be our goal. Instead, let’s focus on progress. On learning, and growing…forward.

Let’s make small imperfect steps forward.
Let’s give and receive grace.

And most importantly, with humility and gratitude, let’s keep on eyes fixed on Jesus.


Schedule a Meeting with Me!

We just created a new and easy way for you to schedule a meeting with me! If you’re needing some extra support or want to talk through anything, head over to my Calendly link and schedule a time to meet. View the link here and to acess in the future, check-out the Resource Page!

Shannon will still be reaching out to you every 6 months to schedule your Blueprint Strategy Meetings. 

New Advocate

It has been so fun welcoming all these new Advocates the last few months! This month we get to welcome Christine O’Day in Tennessee! Be on the look out for her welcome to the TFI Family Facebook page.

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