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July 2018 Monthly Update

By July 2, 2018April 27th, 2019Monthly Update


Last month we talked about Core Value #1, Honor God. This month we are talking about Core Value #2, Grow through Service. As we think about growing through service, we are going to focus on our agencies and our churches–how can we best serve them? This is not about transaction, it’s about relationship. We are working with them, we are loving them, we are caring about them. We are not just in it for what they are providing them–the needs–or what they are providing us–the help. We are caring about them as people. Keep relationship, relationship, relationship in your mind as you grow through service!


Care Portal

In June, we told you we had made the decision not to pursue a partnership with Care Portal. We wanted to follow-up with you on that. We have since communicated our decision to them and they responded very graciously. We want you to know, if you are approached by Care Portal for a local partnership we have talking points for you.

In the talking points, you’ll see we mention admin and program costs and we want to make sure you are crystal clear on what we mean by that! Admin costs are things that cover things like office supplies, off-site TFI National team meetings, conferences, etc. We have specific donors who give directly to admin costs so that when other donors give, their donations go to program costs. Program costs are when we are directly serving you (Advocates) or the foster care community! Our model is like this so then when general donors give, they know their donation is directly serving the foster care community.

To be clear, anytime a donor gives to your Advocate area–every penny goes to your Advocate area, not one cent is taken out to cover TFI National expenses. This is all to honor the 100% pledge that was first set up by Lifesong. Care Portal’s model does not have a 100% pledge, and like we told you before, this is really the main reason we are not pursuing a partnership with Care Portal. Please let us know if you have any questions!

  • Care Portal Talking Points – Download

New Procedure

In the beginning of 2018, we told you we would be rolling out some new policies and procedures throughout the year. Here is the next one for you! It’s the Pilot Program Procedure. This procedure will help us help you if you start new programs or projects in your area so that we can help you do it successfully. We want to not only make it successful for your area, but also make it replicable for other Advocates as well! We are in this together!

New Resource

A couple weeks ago an Advocate let us know it would be helpful to her if she had TFI specific return address labels, so we created them! Let us know if you’d like some for your area!

  • To order: Email Jillian with the address you’d like on the labels and we’ll get those to you!


One last reminder, if you haven’t already, please fill out your tracking for January-June 2018! If we don’t see you tracking come in soon, we’ll be tracking you down! 🙂

  • Email Holly if you have tracking questions! We’re here to help!
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