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Mitch is Awesome!

By July 1, 2019November 20th, 2020Monthly Update


I like feeling in control — I like feeling competent. And yet God has placed me in many situations in my life where I feel out of control and incompetent.

I hate anxiety. I hate the physical toil it can take on me and yet this is something God has given me to wear at times.

Today I was reminded by the Lord to ’not grow weary in doing good.’ I was reminded to rest in the one who is in control, who is fully capable and competent and the one who is PEACE.

Whatever you are facing today, know that you are not alone. You are loved, not only by us but by our very capable God.

Do not grow weary in doing good. Continue helping those around you support the foster care community through Awareness, Encouragement, and Advocacy. Together, we get to serve so that people everywhere will support the foster care community and experience Jesus together!

Speaking of doing this together, this month I want to highlight another member of our National Team, MITCH NELSON.

When we first interviewed Mitch and then hired him on, I knew he was special but it was to my to my sheer delight when I learned (rather quickly) of his love of black licorice and ability to break out into song at any moment. That was when I knew we were going to get along really well.

And get along we do!

We share a very similar sense of humor and Mitch makes us all laugh until our stomach’s hurt many times.

But he is much more than a funny guy, his ability to strategize, his creativity and desire to learn, grow and continually improve has elevated our level of professionalism in a big way.

Mitch was instrumental in helping us think bigger as we were working on our vision and he continues to challenge us to keep our ‘why’ in front of us as we make decisions.

Mitch, is an incredible member of our team and now I’ve asked him to share some encouragement with you!


Favorite Part about the TFI Family

My favorite part about being a part of the TFI Family and working here at TFI National is what a strong and healthy culture we have. One aspect of this that isn’t a core value or anywhere on the website is that we strive to do excellent work. Paul writes in Colossians 3:23, “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.” That’s such a great representation of who we are at TFI—no matter big or small, we do it for God. This doesn’t produce perfect work, but it does produce excellent work done for God.

Giving Tips

As you read in the email I sent out last month, on my giving is changing at TFI. So, I wanted to give you a couple of quick tips to help make this change even better than it already is. First, if you are posting about giving to a specific or even a general need on Facebook, you no longer have to have people send you a message So that you can give them instructions. Now, if you include your landing page link in the post on Facebook, they will easily be able to give with significantly fewer steps. Second, remember that Stripe takes out 2% as a processing fee on all donations given online. So, if you’re raising a specific amount of money for a particular need, say $20, then consider asking them to give $25 so that the fees are covered and the specific need is funded.


TFI Advocate Podcast

As promised, new episodes of the Advocate Podcast will return this month! Be on the lookout for an email every other week with a new episode, starting July 8th.

The Forgotten Podcast

Speaking of podcasts, have you been listening to The Forgotten Podcast recently? There have been some pretty amazing guests and content!

Also, The Forgotten Podcast is a great resource for not only you leading a foster care ministry but for you to share with agency workers, foster parents, church leaders and more! Some agencies will even let foster parents count podcast episodes as continuing training hours for their foster parent license.

Download The Forgotten Podcast Certificate

New T-Shirts Online

Did you love your t-shirt and want to buy one for someone else? The new logo tee is now available online! Plus, you as an Advocate can still use your discount code for 40% off: TFI40

Order through this link!

Stock Photos

When searching for stock photos to use on the website or Facebook–do not go searching on Google. Those photos are actually owned by someone else. If you’re searching for photos, we recommend these free stock photo sites: