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By July 13, 2020November 20th, 2020Monthly Update


Lessons from the Hammock

We are most certainly in the dog days of summer. Even with the heat, one of my favorite things has become sitting outside in my hammock. My view of the trees, sky, yard, oh my! It is an incredible time of peace, to dream, rest, and pray.
Here’s what I was thinking today. I need help. I don’t have all the answers. And I don’t have too. Isn’t that awesome?

I was encouraged through my devotion to remind myself of this often: I need help, they need help, thank you, Jesus, for being our help.


We Need Help to Help

We are here to help people support the foster care community–we are helping people, help people. And we need help to do this.
As I thought about my interactions with one of my kids yesterday, I was convicted. There was A LOT of interaction. And it was generally me calling the kid out, a lot of ‘cut it out!’ but very little teaching. 
My kid, he needs help! And I need help to help him.

Say it Out Loud

Sometimes, just saying the words is helpful. 
We have told our kids all their lives to look out for the underdog. In fact, I usually start the sentence, “Remember, look out for the ___, and they fill in the blank “underdog.” Over the years, teachers have consistently told us that our kids do this. Simply saying it out loud over and over makes a difference. 
What we say to ourselves impacts our behavior.

Bobby’s Confession

I often instruct Bobby, “Be kinder than you feel.” The other day he confessed that he often says the words, so he can get back to what he was doing instead of really meaning it.
But I think the jokes actually on him because what he says to himself over and over will become embedded in his mind, and ultimately, impact his behavior.

The Gift of Not Knowing

The fact that we don’t have all the answers is a GIFT.
Say it over and over; I need help. They need help. THANK YOU, JESUS, for being our help.


New Advocate! 🎉

We are excited to welcome Julia Brattin in Fayetteville, NC to the TFI family! Julia, we are so glad you’re here with us.

Retreat 2020

The Retreat is right around the corner and we are so excited to see many of you face-to-face! Don’t miss Holly’s email with more information.

Connection Survey

One of my favorite things about TFI is connecting with you and I know you enjoy connecting with each other, too. No matter what is happening in your life or ministry, you have a team behind you in it with you. Ministry is such a difficult thing to do alone, but God has blessed us with an amazing family to do life and ministry with. Our hope is gauge interest and potentially provide more opportunities for connection with your fellow Advocates to strengthen relationships and in turn support you as you continue to grow and strengthen your TFI Ministry.

We’re in this together, friends!

We’ve come up with some ideas for more intentional connection. We are excited to hear your thoughts and what would be helpful for you in sustaining a strong ministry to the foster care community.

Please follow this link to give us your input!

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