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We Have a New Mission Statement?!

By March 4, 2019April 27th, 2019Monthly Update


You heard last month from Mitch about the new website and the fact that we are refreshing the brand entirely.

Well, I have more news for you today.

We’ve learned through this process that:

  • A Mission Statement should describe what we do and how you do it.
  • A Vision Statement should describe where you are going and why.

That directed us to look at our own mission statement, “bringing joy and purpose to the foster care community. We asked questions like: 

  1. What do joy and purpose really mean? Those words are vague.
  2. Is it offensive? WE are bringing joy and purpose to YOU…
  3. Does joy and purpose really explain WHAT WE DO?

So, we determined it was time to make a change:

Don’t worry, we are not changing:

  • WHAT we do
  • HOW we do it,
  • WHERE we are going
  • And certainly not our WHY?

Instead, our goal is to make it crystal clear so we can more effectively communicate our mission.

Our updated Mission Statement is:

Helping YOU support the foster care community through awareness, encouragement, and advocacy.

WHAT: We help YOU support the foster care community.

HOW: through awareness, encouragement, and advocacy.

This works beautifully on the National and Local Levels.

National “You”

  • Podcast Listener
  • Person who hears us speak
  • Facebook Friend
  • Advocate

Local “You”

  • Church
  • Individual
  • Group

“YOU” is personal, and yet challenging. We want to help you. It’s not about us doing the work, it’s about us helping YOU!

The word SUPPORT is also significant.  This community is already doing the work.

We get to help people come alongside the foster care community: 

  • To lift up their arms like Aaron did to Moses,
  • To lighten their burdens as it talks about in Isaiah 58 10-12.

We want to help YOU support the foster care community.

What about our Vision? Where are we going and why?

  • I have always said, we want to see God’s people serving in EVERY COMMUNITY across the nation.

We asked ourselves:

  • Is this vision big enough?
  • Is this really the end result that God’s people are serving?

We realized NO. The end result we desire is the work Jesus does in each person.


People everywhere supporting the foster care community and experiencing Jesus together!

JESUS: He is our everything – without him, we are only a social justice movement – without Him, we fail.

TOGETHER: We need the foster care community and they need us.

When I walk alongside the vulnerable:

  • I am drawn to Jesus in new ways.
  • I better understand my need.
  • I gain perspective from them.

And prayerfully, they are also experiencing Jesus.

But, not only do we want to help people experience Jesus, independently of each other, we want to see relationships formed.

We want to help people do life together and in turn experience Jesus together!

When we experience JESUS, we are changed and compelled to share Him with others and then
HIS name becomes more famous!

We exist at TFI to help you support the foster care community. We do this through awareness, encouragement, and advocacy because we want to see people everywhere supporting the foster care community and experiencing Jesus together!

Now, you may be wondering: When and how do I implement this?

Our answer is:

We will walk you through this step by step and you don’t have to change anything now.

If you want to use the new wording – go for it but don’t feel you have to. This is a process. We wanted to invite you into this now but nothing practically needs to change at this point.

Again, the fabric of what we are doing, who what where how why are NOT changing.

Trying to be more clear so that the mission can go further faster and more people will experience Jesus and the name of Jesus will be lifted high.

I love you and I’m thankful for you!


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Thank you for Tracking!

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