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May 2017 Monthly Update

By May 3, 2017April 27th, 2019Monthly Update

Hey Advocates! We just got back from an awesome time in Nashville at CAFO2017.  CAFO2018 will be in Dallas, TX – we would love to see you there. If you’re feeling discouraged, overwhelmed and alone in this ministry – CAFO has come out with a podcast series to continue on this year’s conference theme, “Justice and the Inner Life.”  Check out the CAFO podcast, I know it will bless you.

This month’s Core Value – #3. Communicate

  1. Crystal Clear Over Communication (CCOC – we love acronyms) is the goal.  We want to be in communication with you.  With the whole TFI team being from different areas across the country it is extra important that we are communicating well with one another.
    • It is also so important to communicate well with our agencies, church partners and teams.
  2. As we talk about communicating well, we also want to mention some updates regarding tracking. We have worked hard to eliminate confusion and with that have created a tutorial on how to set up the new tracking with One Note and how to track well.
    • Why is tracking important?
      • It is important to CELEBRATE what God is doing and recording/write down his faithfulness
      • It is a way to provide accountability as we are stewards and are accountable to Lifesong and our donors
      • If we can go back and see what God has done, it strengthens our faith
    • If you need help with tracking, please reach out to Holly!
    • There may be times when you feel like you are in a slump and things are not happening – this is okay too.  We’ve all experienced this. We still want you to submit whatever you have and keep us posted.

Welcoming New advocates

  • Dale & Jill Maples in Humboldt County taking over for Janelle Harris
  • Blake & Blair Martin in Baldwin County, AL


  1. Update to how we receive and handle cash donations. If someone wants to give a cash donation:
    • Encourage the donor to write a check to TFI (location in the memo) – OR –
    • You need to get a Cashier’s Check and include the donor’s information.
    • We can no longer receive personal checks from advocates that are sending in a “cash donation” on behalf of a donor.  This makes it sticky for receipting purposes.
  2. We have New T-shirts (all unisex sizing) – you can purchase at our cost,  $15.00, plus shipping.
    • Name tags for you and your teams – view in the video
    • Beautification Team Rack Card
      • Beautification Team: Maintaining agency rooms so they are welcoming to children and families.
      • These teams are helpful after Project Sunshines (or to keep a room from needing a Project Sunshine in the future) to go in and clean on a regular basis, replace broken toys and keep the room(s) organized.
      • Place your orders through Holly.
  4. Updated Resources – All of these resources are up-to-date on the resource page –  DELETE AND THROW AWAY OLD FILES
    • 12 Tangibles Packet
      • Wording throughout has been updated and streamlined
        • The Journey Bag lists have also been updated
        • Welcome Home Basket list has been updated
      • A key of the foster care community has been added so people clearly know which 12 Tangible serves which group of the foster care community
      • Names changed in the 12 Tangibles:
        • Diapers/wipes/formula is now Infant Care Supplies
        • Toys/Art Supplies/Books is now Activity Supplies
        • College Care Packages is now Vulnerable Adult Care Packages (this broadens who they can be given to)
        • Home Safety Kits is now Home Safety and Cleaning Kits (added cleaning supplies)
        • Caseworker Car Kits is now Car Kits as we have seen the need for foster parents (or anyone transporting kids) to utilize these as well
    • 12 Tangibles broken out. Utilize these if someone is interested in something specific, rather than sending the whole packet.
    • 12 Tangibles Rack Card to go along with the updates in the packet
    • Journey Bag Tags have been updated with checklists corresponding to the specific items on the list in the 12 Tangibles packet

THAT, my friends, is your May Monthly Update! I am really grateful for you and I hope you’re having a great day!