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Unbelievably, May is here. The school year is coming to a close. Summer is right around the corner. It’s the end of a season and the beginning of new one once again.

My oldest is now 16 and this has caused me to be more reflective and hold my hands open even more to the Lord as I am continually reminded that I AM NOT IN CONTROL.

I cannot control my kids, their environment, their decisions, their faith.

My friend, Bruce Kendrick shared on social media last night:

“There’s a clear line between your greatest desire for your children being salvation in Christ, and your children pretending to be Christian to appease your greatest desire.” #modeltrainpraytrust

This was an encouragement to me. And I hope it is an encouragement to you too. We are not in control, but HE is. He loves us and those we love more than we do. He has a plan that is bigger than us.

Whatever causes you to want to clinch your fists and hold on to control, let’s RELEASE that and give Him our trust.

Before I close, remember we exist to help others support the foster care community through awareness, encouragement, and advocacy BECAUSE we want to see people everywhere supporting the fcc and experiencing Jesus together.

We are in this together!


TFI Resources:

Now that the new brand has launched you may be wondering what the plan is for updated resources!

We are still working through the details of this, but what I can tell you is that we know TFI looks different in every area and we want to resource everyone well according to their ministry needs.

We will no longer be printing resources in mass quantities–like we did for rack cards. This will provide you the opportunity to personalize the resources with your area’s information.

Keep doing what you’re doing for resources and we’ll share more when we’re ready to roll out the new resources.

Form to Order Rack Cards (old)

Resource Request Form 

TFI Advocate Podcast

We are taking a break from new episodes for May and June!

Take this time to catch up on the 7 episodes we have out there and get to know some of your fellow Advocates & their ministries better!

Link to TFI Advocate Podcast