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Meet Jamie

By December 20, 2021January 4th, 2022Bloomington, IL
Jamie Fifarek saw a need and took the next step. One step led to another step, where she found herself aware of the foster care community in a whole new way. She didn’t set out to pursue leading a ministry, and yet, out of a sincere heart, new awareness, and support from TFI, she’s stepping into the Advocate role to lead TFI in Bloomington, IL. Her excitement to see her church and other churches engaged in caring for those in their own community continues to build as she sees opportunities around her. 
Not only is she excited to see needs be met but also for churches to be drawn closer to the Lord as they engage. She shared, “I feel that as Christ followers, we are called to care for the vulnerable and the ‘forgotten’ . . .  when we do the hard, messy work and get in the trenches with those that God loves, it will change our hearts and our desires and that is a beautiful thing . . . We end up being changed and grow closer to the heart of God when we take the time and love those that He loves. We see that it is a privilege and not a burden.” That’s what she’s after, seeing the foster care community cared for and the Church growing in its love and dependence on the Lord. 
Jamie lives in Bloomington, Illinois with her husband and three children. She works as an early intervention physical therapist where she is able to meet families in their homes to provide needed services. When asked about her interest in becoming a TFI Advocate, she said, “I believe that is what we are called to do as Christians as we walk in Christ’s example and to put our faith into action. We cannot deny that the Bible speaks clearly regarding this population.” Jamie and her family attend Calvary Baptist Church and is looking forward to serving the three local foster care agencies: The Baby Fold, The Center for Youth and Family Solutions, and DCFS. 
Check out more about the work that she is leading at: