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Navigating Hard Seasons

By April 5, 2021Culture Cast

Sometimes life can be tough.

Whether it’s an overwhelming schedule, kids needing your every last ounce of attention, or just simply feeling down—we all have gone through hard seasons.

How do you navigate these times? What can we do to make it to the other side of difficult seasons?


Here are some suggestions if you have questions, or are going through a challenging season now:

  • Get in touch with us! We are here for you, and would love to walk alongside you no matter what you are going through.
  • Read the Pslams. The Psalms are filled with all kinds of emotions, and help remind us that we are not alone and God will never abandon us.
  • Reach out to other TFI Advocates. If your challenging season is ministry related, chances are, another TFI Advocate has been where you are now. Reach out and find comfort in community.