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November 2017 Monthly Update

By November 6, 2017April 27th, 2019Monthly Update

Core Value Focus

#1. Honor God – Just a reminder to “Be still and know” that He is God. I need Him. You need Him. We cannot do this on our own. Just this morning I was feeling pretty stressed or anxious that I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t know what I’m doing as a parent, I don’t know what I’m doing in ministry and a lot of things – BUT God knows. So, let’s keep our focus on Him, knowing He will guide and direct us.

Let’s Celebrate!

At the Retreat we heard from Angie the importance of “taking someone with you.” Blair Martin in Baldwin County has taken that back to her area and taken people with her multiple times. She put a need for a family on her Workout Group Facebook page and someone she had never met said she would like to help meet the need. Blair then asked if she wanted to go with her to deliver the items to the family and the donor happily agreed. Blair spent a couple hours with this gal she had never met. This gal has a heart for adoption and had a ton of questions about foster care, so their car ride was a great opportunity for Blair to answer all of her questions and bring awareness to who the foster care community!

All it takes is bringing someone with you – and lives can be changed!

New Advocates

We so excited to welcome two new Advocates to the TFI Family – Jamey and Sarah McIntosh from Wisconsin!

Another Celebration

The 24 Hours of Prayer for Waiting Kids Sign-Up is FULL! We so excited to cover Orphan Sunday in prayer for the 100,000+ kids in foster care waiting for forever families!

Update to the Facebook pages

We’ve added your name to your TFI Facebook page as the Advocate. Please feel free to add your team members as well.

If you’d like, you can also list yourself as a “Team Member” by going to the About section and clicking “Add yourself as a team member” – this will then show up on your Homepage on the RIGHT side information bar. BUT please note, that this adds your personal Facebook Page to your TFI page, so if you don’t want people accessing your personal profile, don’t add yourself under the “Team Member” part and just leave your name listed the way we have it.

New Resources:

1.  We are going to start sharing Monthly Graphic Packs with you!

  • These packs will be full of graphics you can use on your TFI Facebook page.
  • We will also include in the packs special events or holidays to celebrate that month, for example this month, look for the special Thanksgiving graphics and a banner.
  • November Graphic Pack – Download
  • The new Graphic Packs will also be listed on the Resource Page under Social Media each month.

2.  Weighted Blanket and Lap Pad Guide – Download

  • This is something that was mentioned at the Retreat and many have requested this information, so we packaged all the great information Selena Whitely shared with us and now it’s in an easy to use guide for you to hand out to volunteers to make weighted blankets or weighted lap pads for kids in care.

3.  Foster Care Agency Worker Prayer Guide – Download

  • This guide is similar to what we did for Waiting Kids on Orphan Sunday. It includes information and insight into the role of a Foster Care Worker and how we can be praying for them.

4.  NEW VIDEO! – Link

  • This video tells the story of Jason and Katy who never had considered doing foster care until they participated in a Journey Bag drive at their church. Foster care has forever changed their lives and it’s a neat testimony to the small and big things people can do to make a difference for the foster care community.