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October 2018 Monthly Update

By October 1, 2018April 27th, 2019Monthly Update


We just returned from our Advocate Retreat and had an incredible time of connection, learning and rest.

For those of you who couldn’t attend, you were truly missed. And I encourage you strongly to go and watch the videos (coming soon) from the Retreat as we shared vision for TFI over the next few years.

We also learned how to develop ownership in our teams and support our coordinators well.  We heard from the pastors perspective about how to best work with churches. We introduced an exciting new collaboration opportunity with a ministry called Replanted and we talked about the inner life–how to keep our first things first.

Please take some time over the next few weeks to check out the retreat resources. You won’t be sorry!


Orphan Sunday is coming up next month!

Nationally we are going to focus on kids waiting in foster care for forever families–America’s Orphans. We will be doing our 24 Hours of Prayer.

We will be giving out a free Orphan Sunday prayer guide for anyone who signs up to pray—but because you are our people, you can access that prayer guide, along with social media promo images on the resource page and right here!

Please feel free to join us and use these resources promote the 24 Hours of Prayer OR let us know if you need something specific for you area’s Orphan/Stand Sunday plans.

Coordinator Email Addresses

We know it can be complicated when your coordinators are connecting with agencies, churches and volunteers but they don’t have a TFI email address! That’s about to change!

We will be creating email address for your coordinators if they have a specific role/title. If you have questions or want to talk about creating a more specific role for any of our coordinators, please reach out to us.

NEW Reimbursement Form

To use to help our Lifesong accounting team streamline things, please update any saved files you have with the new form listed here and on the resource page under Accounting.

New Resource!

Check out these new stickers Mitch created for an Advocate! She plans to stick them on kits and things going to the agency and families.

If you want a sticker created like this with your email address—let us know by filling out a resource request form!

Unfortunately, paying for these stickers is not in our annual national budget, so these would need to be paid for out of your TFI account.

Advocate Survey!

In August we asked everyone to fill out a so we could asses how we are doing as your National Team. Welllll we’ve had less than half of you fill it out. So, we are going to give one more reminder—PLEASE fill out the survey by the end of October and let us know feedback and how we can better support you!

The link is here and on the resource page.

Retreat 2019

Save the date for next year’s Retreat! Seriously, get out your calendar and write it in—September 18th-20th, 2019 – make note, it’s a week earlier than it normally is!