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Relationships Are Messy!

By October 1, 2020Monthly Update

Our time of quarantine has highlighted how much I value the relationships in my life and the importance of healthy relationships in general.

Isolation, loss of jobs, and lack of community resources, specifically for the most vulnerable in our communities, is more than inconvenient or challenging; it is dangerous.

Isolation creates an environment where abuse and neglect can run rampant behind closed doors—with no one to see the signs.

We need more Christians in this foster care space to do this work of building relationships—whether that be opening homes for kids in crisis or bringing support in other ways.

This is why we exist and what we do every day at The Forgotten Initiative. We help people support the foster care community through awareness, encouragement, and advocacy.

We believe that when God’s people step out of their comfort zones and into this work, all can be drawn closer to Jesus. And we want to see people everywhere experiencing Jesus together!

As an Advocate, you know this because you are building relationships day in and day out.

You’re building relationships with agency workers to understand the needs of your community. You’re building relationships with church leaders and members to help make them aware and lead them to action. You’re building relationships with your team of volunteers to help connect the church to the foster care community in an organized and sustainable way.

Relationships are messy.

But they are what draw people together, and more importantly, to Jesus.

Continue to press into the messy, inefficient, and redemptive work of relationship building, because as you do, more and more people will experience Jesus!

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