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Priorities Make Change Possible

By November 30, 2021December 14th, 2021Culture Cast
As we reflect over the past year, we are sure there is so much to celebrate as we remember what God has done in us personally, and through our TFI ministries. But it is also a great time to look forward to 2022 and dream about what could come. Don’t let life pass you by, let’s take time to plan for the year ahead to make it the best year yet!


Put this into practice in your life this month:

  • Ask Yourself: What are the top priorities I want to have for the year to come, both personally and in my TFI ministry? How will I make sure these priorities get realized?
  • Get Help: Ask others close to you what priorities they might have for their lives, what priorities do they see you living out?
  • Grow Your Team: Talk with your TFI ministry team about what priorities they think might be good for your ministry to have for the year to come. Spend time figuring out how to pursue those priorities.
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