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Residential Outreach

By April 30, 2019September 10th, 2021Colquitt County, GA, Default

Residential Outreach is a local missions opportunity for a church or group to serve and host a day camp experience in a residential facility. Residential care programs are uniquely designed to provide a specialized, safe, structured and nurturing environment that allows healing and growth for children and adolescents.

How it Works:

Residential Outreach consists of three main areas of outreach: Workshops, Word & Worship and a Service Project. Each one of these areas of outreach is designed to build a relationship between the children/adolescents in residential care and the church or group volunteers. The Forgotten Initiative’s hope is to not only see volunteers step forward to build relationships with the residents but also support the residential facility as a whole.

Email [email protected] to be matched with a residential facility!

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