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Restaurant Gift Card Drive

By June 17, 2019Galesburg, IL


Gift cards are used as a way to show encouragement to agency workers and foster parents. Often foster care caseworkers are transporting children during meal times and paying for meals out of their own pocket. In the midst of countless appointments and children’s activities our heart is for foster parents to know they have someone cheering them on. Join us in brightening the day of a child in foster care and those who faithfully care for them!

How it Works:
  1. Choose a local fast food restaurant.
  2. Purchase as many $10-15 fast food gift cards as you’d like.
  3. Place cards in an envelope labeled TFI Gift Card.
  4. Drop off at our drop-off location!
Drop-off Locations:
  1. Northwoods Community Church – 940 W Fremont St, Galesburg