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S6E1: Lessons Learned from Growing Up in a Fostering Family

By January 14, 2019September 9th, 2019Podcast

“Everyone needs a safe place and a family to call their own.”

Can you imagine being the oldest of 5 biological children and having over 50 therapeutic foster siblings throughout your childhood? Rophe Mason tells her story of growing up in a fostering family; listen in as she vulnerably shares how they navigated these waters, established boundaries and shared God’s love with children who needed it the most.


1. Sometimes you need a new perspective.

Foster care requires sacrifice from our forever children, but we are called to share God’s love with others, especially when it is uncomfortable and out of our comfort zone. The more we can help our kids remember this, the more they can understand that their sacrifice is worth it.

2. Know your “why.”

Even with firm boundaries, lots of effort, and care, children coming into your home may not react in the way you hope. Remember, the new children in your home have experienced trauma and loss, and their reactions do not necessarily reflect their true feelings. Prepare to be disappointed if your foster care “why” is to “save the world” or are looking for gratitude from those in your care. Instead, walk in obedience and faithfulness, leaning on Jesus every step of the way. Talk about your “why” with your kids and remind each other of this often.

3. Foster care is a gift to your kids.

The opportunity to give a safe place and family to children in your community is significant, not only for them but for the forever children in your home. It builds character, empathy and understanding in your kids, helping them see the world as one that is not all about them, and that is an incredible gift!


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Meet Our Guest

Rophe Mason is a resident of Hanover, MA. Originally from Alabama, she and her family relocated to the area 3 years ago. During the day Rophe works in elementary school fundraising all over the New England area. Her role allows her to help schools through fitness and leadership-based program.

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