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Episode 77: Advocating for The Foster Care Community with The Forgotten Initiative

By September 9, 2019October 12th, 2023The Forgotten Podcast

"Working with TFI helps us stay on the course, to make sure that anything we’re doing is serving the foster care community with the goal of loving God."

When Josh and Liz saw a need within their foster care community, they knew they had to do something about it. Instead of launching and fundraising for a new nonprofit, they joined up with The Forgotten Initiative (TFI), where they were equipped with all types of resources including a graphic designer, strategic planning sessions, and video calls with Advocates around the country, so they didn’t have to reinvent any wheels.
In this episode, Josh and Liz share more about the practical help TFI provides, but also what it’s like to be part of the TFI Family where Advocates are rooting for one another, willing to sit with one another in the hard, and always pointing one another towards loving God. 


1. You can care for the foster care community beyond welcoming children into your own home. 

We have finite capacities as parents; there is only so much space, time, and ability to parent children. Yet, the need for homes for children still exists. When we think about this reality, we can quickly grow discouraged, or we can shift our strategy of how to offer help. 
One of the reasons that Josh and Liz pursued the TFI Advocate role was because, although they could only provide their home to a limited number of children, they could advocate on behalf of so many more. This is what motivates Josh and Liz to want to see more TFI Advocates begin ministries across the country. As TFI Advocates, they now help others use their gifts to serve the foster care community. People will often say to them, “I’ve thought about becoming a foster parent, but I can’t right now.” They love to facilitate ways for those people to take action.

2. You can help change the way churches and agencies interact. 

God delights in unity, and TFI has given Josh and Liz opportunities to unite churches of different denominations together to serve the foster care community. They’ve also seen great progress in the development of their relationship with their foster care agency because they’ve been consistent and shown they want to do things with excellence. It’s taken patience on the part of everyone involved, but the agency is beginning to see TFI and churches in their area as allies, whereas when they first met, there was resistance to connecting. 
Often churches and agencies share more common goals than either might think in the beginning. They both want to see children cared for and safe. When the agency and the church are not in relationship, it’s easier to be divided, but as they get to know one another, they can often find ways to work together. Relationship and trust open the door to more opportunity to love the foster care community, including the agency workers themselves. 

“Every relationship takes time…because it takes time to build trust. Any way that you are trying to serve someone else, you need to have the empathy to see where they are coming from.” Liz Archambault

3. You don’t have to sacrifice your family or your marriage in starting or leading a ministry. 

The Forgotten Initiative wants to see people everywhere supporting the foster care community and experiencing Jesus together, but they don’t want to do that at the expense of the families or marriages of those who are leading ministry. They aren’t project or outcome-driven. In fact, sometimes, the National Team will tell you to rest. Above anything else, TFI has a culture that promotes loving God and loving others. Josh and Liz shared that’s what makes leading possible. It fits within their mission and vision as a family and individuals. If they aren’t loving God and others, they’ve missed the mark, and that’s the same for their ministry. 

4. Jump in!

Liz shared this encouragement from Joshua 1:9: “Do not be frightened, for God is with you wherever you go.” If you see the need and you want to do something, explore the TFI website more. God will equip you for what He calls you to; becoming a TFI Advocate is a needed and tangible way to serve, and both the National Team and fellow Advocates will be there to support you. Reach out to the National office, Josh and Liz, or locate the Advocate who is closest geographically to you to talk more. 

You Can Make a Difference.

Become a TFI Advocate.

Personalized Coaching. Professional Resources. Intentional Community.
Everything you need to launch and lead a thriving ministry.



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We hope this episode has helped you wherever you are on your foster care journey. That’s the goal! If so, will you tell others?

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Meet Our Guests

Josh and Liz Archambault are parents to Sophia, Jason and foster parents to two precious teeny tiny babies and are former TFI Advocates from Quincy, MA. Liz now serves on staff as a TFI Advocate Coach. She brings her faith, experience in ministry leadership, social work and public policy, and as foster parents to her role with TFI. They love the connection and resources that The Forgotten Initiative provides—through both the National office and fellow Advocates around the country–to help them facilitate awareness and action in their community 

Foster Parents, check with your agency to see if listening to this podcast will count toward your foster care training hours!

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