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foster care


S3E11: A Reunification Story

Greg Cox shares the story of losing his eight children into the child welfare system due to his neglect brought about by substance abuse. The situation became a catalyst in his own life to get…
Mitch Nelson
September 25, 2017
boy hugging woman during daytimePodcast

S3E9: Foster Care and One Caring Adult

Josh Shipp is an author, global youth empowerment expert and acclaimed speaker. A former at-risk foster kid who “mastered the art of getting kicked out” of foster homes, he is renowned for his documentary TV…
Mitch Nelson
September 11, 2017
grayscale photo of two boysPodcast

S3E7: A Conviction to Help Kids in Care

Jamie Grace is a Grammy nominated, Dove award-winning contemporary Christian/Christian rap musician who has big dreams and plans beyond music. Raised in a household in which her parents took in more than 25 children, she…
Mitch Nelson
August 14, 2017
shallow focus of white dandelionPodcast

S3E6: What Adoptees Wish We Knew

Lynne Ellis-Gray knows what it feels like to wonder about biological parents. Adopted as a baby, her parents did the “right” things by sharing her story in a positive way and made her feel chosen…
Mitch Nelson
July 31, 2017