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Culture Cast

The Power of Priorities

Our priorities have immense power, but our whole lives can seem to be out of whack when we get the order wrong. So how do we make sure to get our priorities right? And what…
Jami Kaeb
March 1, 2021
Culture Cast

Keeping Vision Fresh

The TFI Vision Statement. We say it all the time—People everywhere supporting the foster care community and experiencing Jesus together. To some of us, this may be familiar. To others it may be new. But…
Jami Kaeb
January 29, 2021
Culture Cast

Why Culture Matters

Our culture at TFI matters. Why? Because culture drives behavior. And our lives are made up of small decisions that drive our behaviors, behaviors that lead us closer to or further from our vision. This…
Jami Kaeb
January 5, 2021

Moving Into Summer Like…

We want to encourage you to take some time to sit down and create a vision for this summer with your family—a realistic vision that will not only strengthen the relationships in and around your…