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The Power of Priorities

By March 1, 2021Culture Cast

When we are in the thick of ministry and leadership, it can be easy to get disoriented.

Needs keep coming in, so we keep sharing them online. Only to find that we are anxiously awaiting every single comment and message in a manner that leaves us feeling as though everything is urgent, important, and won’t happen without us.

Our priorities have immense power, but our whole lives can seem to be out of whack when we get the order wrong. So how do we make sure to get our priorities right? And what is the right order anyway?


Take some time this month to assess how what you desire for your priorities lines up with reality. To help, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do my children feel like a constant interruption instead of my most important priority?
  • Do I look at my spouse or friends to fill me up or is that place reserved for Jesus alone?
  • Does my mind feel like it’s constantly on the spin cycle, where I’m struggling to be present?
  • Am I more irritable than normal?
  • Do I feel like I’m late wherever I go?