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November 2009 -

A Change in (My) Perspective

After multiple rejections, we found ourselves waiting again. But our hope would soon fade after hearing another “No.” I begged God to give me His perspective, and that’s when I felt Him say, “It’s not about bringing a child into your family, it’s about bringing your family to a child.” This new perspective opened the door to a whole new world for us called foster care. Once again, we became aware, and awareness led to action. 

With my kids in tow, I walked into our local foster care agency to find out more. I saw the rooms where children waited to be placed with a foster family, but the rooms didn’t look friendly or welcoming, and I was compelled to do something. With permission from the agency, I called out to my family and friends to help create a space that would make these kids feel special, and they jumped into action. Through this, I learned a valuable lesson: God’s people care about the foster care community, but they don’t always know where to begin or how to help. When I made them aware of the need and gave them specific ways to serve, they got involved.