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The Top 3 Foster Care Posts We Read Last Week

By September 12, 2019Blog

Just like you, we are always trying to find the best resources and articles to help us on our foster care journeys.

Last week we read some really great posts about navigating back to school season, helping our kiddos deal with grief, and how to balance our feelings with our faith. If you’re looking for some amazing articles to help you wherever you are on your foster care journey—look no further!

Here are our top 3 foster care posts we read last week:

My Lovely Crazy Life

Navigating Back to School: Through the Adoption and Foster Care Lens

Even if you’re prepared and ready for school—don’t miss out on this article, it is FULL of fantastic resources you do not want to miss out on for your entire year.

“Whether we have children through adoption, foster care, or whom simply have special needs (and I use the term “simply” lightly), navigating back to school brings with it many added challenges for our children. Walking them through encountering new teachers, friends, and even new schools/campuses can bring so much stress to our kids.”




At the Birch Tree

When Children’s Grief is Disguised

When kiddos leave our homes, we, as parents, are not the only ones grieving. How can we walk our children, while still in the home, through their grief and encourage them to express it in a healthy way?

“Validate their loss. One of the worst things is to ignore their feelings. These are big emotions for me as an adult, and I’ve had 30+ years to figure out how to handle them. I made sure they understood it was ok to be sad…”




The Journey

Feelings VS. Faith

This is a big one for those of us who are feelers. We can so easily let our feelings take control of our thoughts and emotions. It’s so important to remember; our feelings do not need to guide our actions. Instead, let’s choose faith and trust in the One who has His hands on it all.

“You feel hopeless, sad, and depleted. But, those are my feelings. I am pushed now to stand on my faith! To trust that God has the very BEST for this baby in my arms, and to hope for something much greater than I can even imagine for this little one.”


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