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TFI Vision Film 2:35

Our story and vision moving forward – helping you support the foster care community through awareness, encouragement, and advocacy. 

Advocate Retreat 1:31

We had an amazing time at WinShape Retreat growing, connecting, being encouraged and learning with one another!

“Who Loves” Series Promo 1:51

This series is designed specifically for children in foster care. Each age-specific story focuses on the love and care provided by the many people our children interact with on a regular basis. Learn more:

Jason + Katy’s Story 2:37

From knowing almost nothing about foster care, to now volunteering with TFI, Jason and Katy are truly perfect examples of the transformative power of Jesus!

TFI + Compass Church 7:00

A partnership between the Forgotten Initiative and Compass Church.

A Pastor’s Perspective 2:49

Learn about what one church experienced when they did a journey bag project with TFI!