FREE RESOURCE: The Who Loves Series Lifebook

By July 24, 2019 Blog, Free Resource

We know that helping your children record their lives can be challenging, and we want to help!

The Who Loves series lifebook is designed not only to help you record your children’s lives, but also celebrate it. We recognize that you might not be able to fill out each page entirely, but we hope it brings your child a better understanding of their story and allows for further conversation.

Feel free to take out any pages that aren’t helpful, add in the bonus lined or framed pages, and encourage your child to write or draw out their feelings. The goal is to give your child their very own book filled with the many people in their life that love them, including you! God is using you in this child’s life.

Thank you for the many ways you celebrate and love them!

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This resource is part of the Who Loves series designed specifically for children in foster care ages 0–10.

Visit the Who Loves website to learn more and purchase the entire series.