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We’re excited to have you!


We are so excited to have you as a guest on one of our podcasts! We want your experience being a guest on the show to be as stress-free and enjoyable as possible and for you to look and sound great! Here are a couple of things that we have found that make a successful podcast!


We request all guests to record with headphones, and if possible, we highly recommend headphones with built-in microphones. This allows the highest quality audio to be recorded.


Sometimes the built-in microphone for your headphones can rub against long hair, clothing, or earrings. If this is the case, please put your hair back or behind your ear to avoid this. This especially happens when you move around a lot when talking. Try to stay steady to help avoid audio issues.


Ideally, we would prefer all guests to use a laptop or desktop computer to record. But if you don’t have access to one, that’s alright, an iPhone or Android will work fine as well. If you plan to use your phone, download the app, and make sure to have a stand so that your phone is steady and at eye level. Please use an up to date version of the Google Chrome Browser if using a computer.


Once the recording begins, there will be a small progress bar showing the status of how much of your audio and video has been uploaded. Make sure 100% of the recording is uploaded before you close out of the window, tab, or app you are using to record.

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