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A FREE 4-part video series to help your church engage with foster care

Growing Awareness for Meaningful Engagement

Our free Foster Care & The Church Kit includes all the graphics, discussion guides, resources, and videos you need to see your church community engage in meaningful ways with those impacted by Foster Care.


This toolkit is designed for use in community, providing a space for transformative shift, aligning with the compassionate and service-oriented teachings of Jesus. Together, we aim to collectively embrace His heart of love and service, fostering a community where meaningful change takes root.

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  • Foster Care and The Church
  • Everything you need to engage your church with the foster care community!

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    What's Inside the FREE Foster Care & The Church Kit?


    Immerse your congregation in powerful stories and teachings that bring the reality of Foster Care to life. These emotionally compelling videos serve as a catalyst for empathy, prompting action and inspiring positive change.


    Foster meaningful conversations within your community with thoughtfully crafted discussion guides. These guides serve as a compass, navigating your congregation through important conversations, fostering understanding, and nurturing a culture of compassion.


    Equip your church community with a wealth of resources, ranging from practical tips to inspirational stories. Our carefully curated content will guide you in taking meaningful steps towards fostering a supportive environment for those impacted by Foster Care.

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    • Foster Care and The Church