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Helping you support the foster care community through awareness, encouragement, and advocacy.

Steps to become a TFI Advocate:

    1. Check out our current list of TFI Advocates to see if there is already one near you.
    2. If there isn’t a TFI Advocate in your area, let us know you’re interested in the role by contacting us! We love hearing from you!
    3. Complete a preliminary application. We’ll send it to you after you inquire!
    4. Once your preliminary application has been accepted, we’ll walk you through the next stage where you’ll begin building a relationship with your local foster care agency, learn more about what they need and then mobilize churches and individuals in your community to meet the need.
    5. Complete the TFI Advocate application. 
    6. Interview with a TFI team member via video call. 
    7. Then LAUNCH as a new TFI Advocate!

Who are TFI Advocates?

TFI Advocates are leaders who serve as volunteer representatives of The Forgotten Initiative in their areas. They believe that awareness leads to action and are passionate about helping people support the foster care community (Agency Workers, Foster Parents, Vulnerable Adults, and Children).

What do they do?

TFI Advocates care deeply about connecting the Church to the needs that exist within foster care, and so they build relationships with local foster care agencies to understand the needs and then advocate on their behalf. They are an ongoing and central point of contact for agencies who come to trust them. A key focus of the Advocate is growing and leading a local team of coordinators to carry out the mission effectively.
The Forgotten Initiative believes the Church cares deeply about the foster care community but doesn’t always know how to help or where to start. TFI Advocate Teams build relationships with local churches, taking what they’ve learned from the agencies and helping the church get involved.

Why do they serve?

The goal is to grow long-term, trusting relationships between you, your small group, or the church at large and the foster care community so that everyone is drawn closer to Jesus. We want to see people everywhere supporting the foster care community and experiencing Jesus together!

I have a passion for foster care ministry. Should I join TFI or start on my own?

Be assured, we will cheer you on if you start your own ministry and continue to assist you through our podcast, social media, and other resources! We want to see people everywhere supporting the foster care community. We champion all who are working towards this vision because when we cheer each other on, the foster care community wins, the people who are supporting them win, and the name of Jesus is made more famous!

As a national ministry, TFI offers its experience and support so that you do not have to do this alone. We work hard to help minimize the challenges of starting and growing a ministry by serving our Advocates with full-time support at no cost to the Advocate. This includes coaching, training, streamlined ministry resources, a nationally recognized platform, connection to others on the same journey, and accounting support.

TFI Advocates value being able to network with one another, share ideas and connect in a way that independent ministry doesn’t as easily allow. Quarterly video round tables, monthly leadership and organizational video updates, our private Facebook group, a specific podcast for Advocates only, and our very favorite thing—our annual Advocate Retreat—provide connection opportunities all year long!

TFI Advocates encourage and pray for one another, making the work of foster care ministry less isolating and more effective.

Is the TFI Advocate role for me?

Commit the decision to prayer, asking God to make clear his plans for you. Use the following questions to determine if this role fits with your time, ability and talents.
  • Am I growing in my relationship with the Lord?
  • Am I actively involved with a local church?
  • Can I fully agree to TFI Statement of Faith?
  • Do TFI’s core values align with my own?
  • Do I have a passion for foster care ministry?
  • Do I want to help individuals, small groups, and churches in my community engage in long term service to the foster care community?
  • Am I able to delegate roles and responsibilities and lead a team or am I willing to learn how to do this?
  • Do I value learning from and working with others?
  • Do I have enough margin in my life to add 5-10 hours of volunteer service per week?
  • Am I willing to commit to what is expected of me in this role?
  • Do I want to be a part of an organization that along with providing encouragement, resources, and a nationally recognized platform, will also keep me accountable to staying true to the mission, stewarding my leadership with integrity, and walking in alignment with TFI’s core values and statement of faith?