Finally, a way to support the foster care community without reinventing the wheel.

Strategic Coaching. Professional Resources. Accounting Support.

Everything you need to jump start a ministry.


Helping you support your foster care community through awareness, encouragement, and advocacy.


Do you want to help your church become more aware of foster care?


Do you want to encourage your local foster care agencies?


Are you looking for ways to lead others towards greater service instead of serving on your own?


You Can Be a Voice.

There is only so much you can do on your own. Maybe you’re a foster parent or serving the foster care community in some other way already, but you want to do more. You’ve been made aware of this community and you can’t turn away now. You know the need is overwhelming, and you want to engage other people. You believe that the foster care community needs the church and the church needs the foster care community.

If this describes you, we think the Advocate role might be a great fit! TFI Advocates are leaders who serve as volunteer representatives of The Forgotten Initiative in their areas. They believe that awareness leads to action and are passionate about helping people support the foster care community.

We are ready to equip you to be a voice for the foster care community so that you can mobilize others to serve. We want to welcome you into our family of Advocates. We want to connect you with other leaders who are working together for their individual communities. We are here for you. You don’t have to do this on your own. Together, we are better.


Getting Started is Simple

1. Click Get Started

Let’s start with an introduction. Hi, we’re TFI. Who are you? Tell us about yourself. Where are you located and how can we help you support your foster care community?

2. Receive Coaching and Support

We’ll start our support by reaching out via email so that you can find out more about TFI and what we do to see if our ministry is a right fit with your passions and desires. Let’s define our expectations of one another before we commit.

3. Try it Out

Let’s give it go with a project. Do you enjoy connecting with churches and individuals interested in serving as well as with your local foster care agency? Are relationships and connections your jam?


Meet your TFI Family

TFI Advocates

A network of Advocates sharing ideas

TFI National

Full time staff supporting you

TFI Board

Board members cheering you on

Why our TFI Advocates decided to jump in:

"We saw an enormous need in our foster care community, and we knew the only answer was Jesus and the living hope we have in Him."

Annie PersingerTFI Advocate: Mobile County, AL

"The resources, network, and support system TFI has in place will greatly assist me in reaching the dreams I have for my little ‘neck of the woods.’"

Pam ChapmanTFI Advocate: Webster County, MO

"Through TFI, I hope to not only support and encourage individuals within my community but be an example of Christ to each heart that is touched."

Carley WheelerTFI Advocate: Williamsport, IN

Want to help your church become aware of the foster care community?

We believe the Church cares deeply for the foster care community, but they don’t always know the needs or how to help. We want to help you help your church.

Awareness leads to action. Help your church become aware of the foster care community.

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The foster care community needs you and you need them.

We’re praying that not only will the foster care community be changed through your ministry but that you will be too! We think you’re great, but we truly want that for you. We want you to be drawn to Jesus in new ways. We want you to see your need for Him more clearly. Do you want that too?