Finally, a way to support the foster care community without reinventing the wheel.

We’re here to help you launch and lead a thriving foster care
ministry that connects churches and agencies to one another.

(Applications are open for the month of October.)

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You love Jesus and want to show his love to others.
  • You want to help churches become more aware of foster care.
  • You want to encourage your local foster care agencies.
  • You are committed to a vision that is much bigger than yourself.
  • You see the opportunity in every obstacle.
  • You listen with the desire to understand.
If this sounds like you, becoming a TFI Advocate is your next step!

TFI Ministries connect churches
and agencies to one another.

Agency workers directly interact with foster parents, vulnerable adults, and children in foster care. Navigating each unique case brings challenges, including long emotionally draining hours, never-ending paperwork, and limited resources. Agencies need encouragement and additional support as they step into the lives of others.

Church leaders strive to help their church tangibly share the love of Jesus but often struggle to know how to help or where to start when it comes to the foster care community. Churches need someone to help them engage.

TFI Advocates help bridge this gap. They develop trusted relationships with the agency by listening and learning. They then work with church leaders, pointing out ways the church can utilize their gifts by coming alongside the agency.


How We Can Help

(Yes, it’s all for free!)


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Why our TFI Advocates decided to jump in:

"For me, I always thought that orphan care meant you had to foster or adopt, period. I got so excited when my eyes were opened to the world of possibilities of ways to minister to the foster/adoptive community."

Leah JohnsonTFI Advocate: Mitchell/Yancey Counties, NC

“I believe that the church has the ability to make real difference in our system; they just don’t know how. I would like to help bridge that gap.”

Cherish CraftTFI Advocate: Baton Rouge, LA

“We don’t feel called to foster at this moment but we still see a great need and want to stand with these families anyway we can and TFI believes Jesus is the answer just like we do.”

Zeth SmithTFI Advocate: Albuquerque, NM

“Working with TFI the last few years, I have seen how important it is that agencies feel loved and supported.”

Kelly SiebertTFI Advocate: Will County, IL

“We are TFI Advocates, and we are in this together!”

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