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Meet Ronn Ross, DFCS Director

The Forgotten Initiative serves our Thomas County DFCS and that means, I get to work with the director, Ronn Ross almost daily.  It has been such a pleasure to get to know Ronn.  I can honestly say, that we are so blessed to have such a caring and passionate director here in Thomas County. From the moment you meet him, you can tell just how  whole heartedly committed he is to his job. He has everyone’s best interest at heart and is always so proud of his DFCS employees and social workers.  I asked Ronn to share a few thoughts with us on his role as DFCS Director of Thomas County.

How did you become Director of Thomas County?

I have been with the state for 40 years. I spent 14 years with mental health and the last 26 years with DFCS. I have been the county director in Cook, Coffee, Echols and Thomas County for a total of 11 years. I spent 5 years as an investigator in Thomas, and was grateful to return here to serve as the director for the past 3 years. I have loved the previous counties I served in, but there is something very special for me about Thomas County.

How do you see your role as director?

I really see myself as a servant for my staff and for the community. My goal every day is to leave things, circumstances and people better off than the previous day. I have wonderful people to work with. They really care about making a difference with the families and children we are involved with. We cannot do our jobs well with out the help and support from all the other agencies in Thomas County. I want to ensure our relationships with all agencies are productive and successful.

What would you like the community to know about foster care?

First of all, foster care is not the answer for most of our children. Bringing a child into foster care is traumatizing for the child, siblings and the family. Foster care will always be the last resort in an effort to address child safety. There are extensive guidelines that must be followed prior to a child coming into foster care. Our foster parents are amazing folks who are over worked. They need more help (foster parents) and more support from our community. There are things the community can do that the agency (DFCS) cannot do. Foster care caseloads are high which really limits the time and attention case managers have to support the foster parents.

I hope that The Forgotten Initiative can be part of the solution to help bridge the gaps that exist in meeting the needs of the foster families as well as well as supporting them in various ways

I will be wearing my string on May 20th,  because I value and respect the sacrifices that foster families make for children in our community every day. It is a real honor.””