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Quincy, MA Transition

By October 4, 2022Quincy, MA
Elyse has had a heart for God’s children and a passion for them to feel His love since she was a young girl.  
Adoption and fostering have been what she has wanted to do and told her high school boyfriend, now husband of 20 years, of her hope and expectation.  After two biological babies they began training to be foster parents.  They completed the training, but special needs required by her biological child made it clear her time to foster is better left for the future. Elyse has been volunteering and working in the fostering community since she was 13. She complements her volunteer TFI work with a role as a Family Resource Liaison to support and create community among foster parents in ten towns served by the local state agency.
When asked “Why do you want to be a TFI Advocate?” She shared:
“I have been volunteering with TFI for 5 years doing many different events and meeting a variety of needs and requests for the local foster parents, kiddos in foster care, Social Workers, and vulnerable adults. My heart is to love on kiddos in care and support those around them doing the right hard thing. When Josh and Liz, the previous TFI Quincy advocates, asked me to step into the advocate role I knew it was the right next “yes”. I love connecting churches to local agencies so that churches can tangibly be the hands, feet and love of Jesus to those around them in the foster care community. “
A prayer request would be that the Department of Children and Families feel and trust that we are seeking to support, encourage, and come alongside them.