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TFI Snugglies have been locally hand-crafted with love to soften a child’s journey in foster care.

How it Works:

  1. As a child enters foster care they receive a TFI Snuggly.
  2. You make a donation ($20+) to The Forgotten Initiative at a TFI Snugglies Adoption Party and receive an identical TFI Snuggly to one that has been given to a child in foster care.
  3. Every time you and your child snuggle with your TFI Snuggly, pray for the child in foster care who has the same exact one!

Where to get your Snuggly?

Host a TFI Snugglies Adoption Party – Contact a us to set up your party!

Become a TFI Snugglies Crafter!

Adoption parties require a lot of preparation in designing and crafting TFI Snugglies for the parties. We also need crafters to assist the host in the TFI Snugglies adoption portion of the party. If either of these positions interest you, contact [email protected]