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15 Activities for the Whole Family This Summer

By June 6, 2022Blog
I’ll be the first to admit that I absolutely LOVE summer. I would so much rather be burning up in 95-degree Illinois humidity than freezing in 10-below-zero windchills.
As a kid, summer seemed almost magical. No school, warm weather, ice cream, pools, long days… the list goes on. Even as an adult, I think a special feeling comes when the days start getting longer and the temperatures rise. 
When it comes to summer activities for the whole family, it’s easy to feel like we have to do a lot of planning and saving up money to do something big like a week-long vacation. But that could not be further from the truth. You don’t need to plan or spend too much to have fun as a family. The best family memories are usually made in simpler ways than it may seem.
Here are 15 summer activities for the whole family that you can try this year:
  1. Summer Reading Programs: Readers are leaders! Check out your local library for the summer fun they’re offering. We also have a summer reading promotion going on for the Who Loves Series! Use the code SUMMERREADING to get 10% off your order at!
  2. Chalk the Walk: Design a fun obstacle course or write encouraging messages along your neighborhood sidewalk.
  3. Explore a New Spot: Google your town’s Chamber of Commerce or Park District for a list of local events or activities.
  4. Pack a Picnic: Take dinner outdoors at a local forest preserve or shady park. Then do some exploring!
  5. Serve Together: Connect with local organizations to volunteer as a family. (Maybe you live near a TFI Advocate!)
  6. Staycation: If travel isn’t in your plans this summer, take a weekend to explore your city! Lookup “things to do in [your town]” and view it through the eyes of a tourist.
  7. Pool Hop: Make a list of all the pools in your area, and try them out!
  8. Have Game Night: Break out the board games, play on the Apple TV, or dust off dad’s old Nintendo 64 to have a game night that everyone enjoys!
  9. Rent a Movie: You might watch Disney+ every other day, but when was the last time you rented a movie to watch as a family? Party like it’s 2001 with a DVD and some popcorn!
  10. Play in the Sprinkler: Who doesn’t love setting up something as simple as a sprinkler and running through it to cool off? Entertain your inner child and get out there with the kids!
  11. Build a Fort: Go all out! Move the furniture, and bring in the ladder. Bonus points if big cardboard boxes are involved!
  12. Jr. Iron Chef: Let the kids plan and cook dinner for the whole family. Who knows, maybe one of the kids is the next Emeril Lagasse!
  13. Museum Monday: Visit a local museum you’ve never been to before. If you’re in Austin, MN, you could go to the SPAM Museum, or if you’re near Riverside County, CA, you could check out The International Banana Museum 😂
  14. Do a Large Puzzle: 500, 1000, 1500?! How many pieces can you all put together?
  15. Make Your Own Popsicles: Buy some popsicle molds from Amazon and let your creativity run wild! 
Hopefully, this list at least gets your mind thinking about some of the things you and the whole family could do this summer! 
And don’t forget, use code SUMMERREADING at to get 10% off your order of the Who Loves Series—a children’s book series designed specifically for children in foster care!

Sarah Wilson

Growing up with foster siblings, Sarah was exposed in small doses to the realities of foster care. As an adult, Sarah and her husband Jonah felt a desire to be foster parents and had their eyes opened to the world of child welfare. She is passionate about caring for families in need and bringing awareness to her church and community. Sarah enjoys exploring new places, trying new restaurants, volunteering at church, and spending time with family and friends.

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