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Jami Kaeb

Culture Cast

Why Culture Matters

Our culture at TFI matters. Why? Because culture drives behavior. And our lives are made up of small decisions that drive our behaviors, behaviors that lead us closer to or further from our vision. This…
Jami Kaeb
January 5, 2021

Seeing the Beauty in Diversity

There is a lot of pain and turmoil throughout our nation for our black and brown brothers and sisters. I've been wrestling with it, trying to be still and listen as I continue to learn.…
Jami Kaeb
October 5, 2020
Monthly Update

Relationships Are Messy!

Our time of quarantine has We need more Christians in this foster care space to do this work of building relationships—whether that be opening homes for kids in crisis or bringing support in other ways.…
Jami Kaeb
October 1, 2020