Articles for the Hard Seasons

By August 13, 2020Blog

If you’re painfully journeying through a difficult season right now, we see you. Friend, you are heard. Please know, you are NOT alone. It may be hard, but set some intentional time aside to read through these articles, you will leave feeling seen and less alone. These articles were written by dear friends of TFI and fellow foster/adoptive parents. We’re in this with you!

TFI Blog

When You Feel Like Giving Up

“Foster care has a way of completely rocking your world.

“Am I right?!

“Recently, my world has been so rocked. Not because of one specific thing—but small things over time. Not good things, but really hard things. Discouraging things. Things that make me want to say, ‘why would anyone ever want to do this?!’ ‘Why did I willingly choose this?’

“And yet, to say these things is risky. I absolutely want to keep caring for this little girl, but to do so under the current conditions is hard.

“I want to do this, and question, ‘why would anyone ever want to do this?!’ in the same breath.

“Isn’t that so like foster care—feeling so many opposing emotions and thoughts at once?

“I have never felt so confused and conflicted. Everything just feels jumbled, and I’m weary.”

Jason Johnson

Grieving the Loss of Your Life for the One You Now Have

“Why can’t simple things just be simple? Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we didn’t do hard things? Of course. But here we are. Grieving the loss of a life we thought we would have in exchange for a more beautifully complicated version.”

Fostering the Family

This Sucks

“Maybe my “this sucks” mantra sounds un-Christian. Maybe it seems like I’m having a bad attitude, lacking faith, falling short of the trust and joy I should have. But none of this is as it should be. A baby shouldn’t have to be taken from his mother two days after birth.”

Confessions of an Adoptive Parent

To the Parent Ready to Give Up: “I See You”

“I see you when you hide in the bathroom and cry. After all, that’s about the only place you can be alone, even if it’s just for a few minutes. You splash cold water on your face to hide your puffy eyes and walk out, trying to put on a brave face, even though you don’t feel brave anymore.”


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