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Episode 6: Equipping the Saints to Act Humbly & Live Justly (w/ Matt Horine)

Key Question: With all the ministries that exist and opportunities you have to serve the vulnerable: How do you determine what is yours to own, what do you catalyze, and what do you bless?

The biblical call to love our neighbor is not some lofty idea to be carried out by “particularly special” people or just at a government level. When Jesus gave the call to love our neighbor, it was a call for ordinary people to act when they encounter those in need. Mercy and justice are not outside of anyone’s capability, but are obtainable for everyone in any circumstance.

This week, we have Jami’s very own pastor, Matt Horine, helping us explore these ideas of radical compassion and generosity in a way that everyone can apply. Matt has served as the lead pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Normal, Illinois for over seven years. He is a seasoned pastor and a powerful communicator. Matt is married to his wife, Amy, and has two children.

In this episode, you’ll hear Matt’s journey of helping his church become more involved in the community, how he has learned to lead people towards the gospel with humility, and how we each can identify the areas God may be calling us to, and more.


When it comes to living out the call to love our neighbor, remember that we don’t have to be the ones doing all the work ourselves. If you are a church leader or community organizer, it is just as important to be a connector and equipper of others to join in this work.

God has given you a passion for certain causes. These are likely those topics that break your heart and fill your mind. These intense emotions should spur us on to act and invite others to act on behalf of the vulnerable.



We hope this episode has encouraged you as you think about practicing biblical justice and compassion together. That’s the goal! If so, will you tell others?

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Meet Our Guest

Matt Horine is the lead pastor at Calvary Baptist Church and is about to complete his Master of Divinity with Southern Baptist Theological Seminary later this year. As a pastor, his passion is meeting people wherever they may be in their journey and helping others experience the beauty of the Christian community. Matt is married to his wife, Amy, with whom he has two children.

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