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Moving Into Summer Like…

By May 21, 2020Blog

This year we’re all moving into the summer season a little bit differently. It’s not how we expected these months to go. Maybe most, if not all, of your summer plans are already canceled. There is so much to feel hopeless and angry about, and yet, we can’t live in that place.

We want to encourage you to take some time to sit down and create a vision for this summer with your family—a realistic vision that will not only strengthen the relationships in and around your family but also your family’s relationship with Jesus.

If we end up walking out of this season of extra time together as families and do not have stronger relationships with one another and with Jesus, have we been obedient to God? I don’t say this to make you feel guilty—goodness, no! I’m saying this to challenge myself just as much. As followers of Jesus, we need to challenge one another and push each other closer to Jesus.

Let this be a checkpoint for you, your spouse, and your family. Make tweaks and changes in your routines as necessary. If you need some helpful tips on how to walk through the struggles of summer, especially after this quarantine, check out the blog posts linked below!

The Forgotten Initiative

The Summer Struggle: Establishing Routine for Your Foster or Adoptive Family

“This year, our summer has started early, and it’s not feeling quite the same—for our kids or me. Summer has started, well, with stress. It’s started with a lack of stability and security as we look towards the unknown. For our kiddos who have experienced trauma, summer, and particularly, this summer brings fear. My friend, Kristin Berry, and I talk through what this season is like for our children who have experienced great loss in their lives. We can have a great summer; it might take a little more planning and a whole lot of grace.”

The Whole House

Moms Managing Stress During the Summer Season

“As a young mother, I never gave a second thought to managing my stress — OR my kids’ stress — during the summer (or any time to be honest).

I was on edge the majority of the time. Our schedules were packed with activities from those Pinterest summer bucket lists. We were exhausted, and it wasn’t working out as Instagram suggested. Something had to give, and my stress was number one on the list.”

The Ethics + Religious Liberty Commission 

3 Ways to Point Your Kids to Jesus This Summer

“We’ve had a lot of family “together” time, and I had dreamed it’d go smoother, but it seems like chaos has reigned instead of calm. And yet, we’ve also had a lot of opportunities for growth. My kids have witnessed me at the end of my rope, but they also watched me apologize and ask for forgiveness. They might have completely wrecked the house, but they also learned that it takes hard work to put everything back in order. But mostly, I was reminded that motherhood is less about creating opportunities for productivity and fun, and more about pointing my kids to our deep need for Jesus.”


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