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Our 3 Favorite Posts About Hair Care

By September 24, 2020Blog

Learning about and understanding hair types can be a challenge. I know what works for my hair, but that isn’t what works for my little girl. My hair is straight, but she has the most beautiful, long, curly hair. My sister has curly hair, but even her curls are different than my little girl’s curls, and with that, they each require a different regiment and products. Let’s just say, there was a lot of trial and error in learning how to care for my little girl’s curly hair!

Hair care is on the list of so many other things we have to learn about as we care for new kiddos. Instead of letting it stress us out or overwhelm us, we can use it as an opportunity to come together and support one another. We can learn from fellow mama-friends or the mamas of the children we’re caring for. We have to stick together and be open to learning.

So, from one mama to another, here are some great resources in regard to coming together and learning about hair care!

When Your Children Don’t Look Like You: Understanding Black Hair Care

Today’s conversation with my guest, Monica Hunter, was a gift. We talked about hair and skin care, and in that, we explored how to help our children feel valued and loved. There is beauty in coming together to care for one another. As a foster and adoptive mom of a multi-racial family, I’ve had to ask so many questions, and I’m thankful for people like Monica who are willing to jump in and share their knowledge. We need spaces where we don’t have to fear making a mistake but can simply learn with others together. I want my children to know I care about them, and part of that is showing them that I care about the hair and skin that God uniquely gave each of us.


Hairy Vulnerability

“Can I just admit something right now? I don’t really know what I’m doing. You’ve probably noticed. You’ve definitely noticed, and you’ve been kind. Sometimes you’ve shared your honest thoughts. I’m sure you’ve held back. Haircare. It’s been one of the harder parts of this foster parenting thing so far. I know maybe that sounds odd. Is it really that hard or important? Well, yes and no. Mostly it’s hard because it hurts my pride that I don’t know what I’m doing, that I’m not the expert.”


The Best Leave In Conditioners for Curly Haired Kids

“I have 3 curly haired kids and using leave in conditioners is a part of our everyday routine. Find products that worked for the 3 of them was a challenge because I’m black and they are all biracial with 3 different textures. I’ve also learned that just because a product is marketed for mixed race hair, it doesn’t mean that it will work.”


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