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Foster care is many things—often described as “heavy” or “hard,” but today, let’s focus on the joy!

There are things that happen in our foster care journeys that only others involved in the world of foster care will understand and laugh out loud right alongside you.

About a month ago, we asked our Facebook audience, “What is your funniest foster care story?” and WOW— we got some good answers!

If you’d like, you can check out the original post, or maybe even comment to add your story as well. We’d love to laugh with you.

Laughter is so good for the soul! So join us in laughing at some light-hearted foster care stories.

“My husband works third shift, and I took an emergency respite placement while he was sleeping one day. As soon as he woke up, I had to rush out to a visit, and I get a call…. ‘Do you happen to know who is watching TV with the girls?’….. ‘Oops, forgot to tell you we added on to the family.’ 😂 It was a running joke from then on every time he woke up we had to do a roll call.” – Melissa

“The time our foster child and the social worker showed up at our door. He was being placed in our home… only we had no idea that he was being placed with us.” – Jandy

“We fostered and have later adopted five boys: two Hispanic and three African American. One of our sons was three when we got him and he is Hispanic. He asked us one time when he was going to turn black because he liked our older son’s hair.” – Matthew

“I took a newborn foster child to the ER and was being admitted. When registration came in they asked if anyone wasn’t allowed to see us, and I said the baby’s dad. And added, I wouldn’t even know what he looked like, I have only seen him one time. They were shocked and speechless before realizing I was foster mom.” – Becky

“Maybe the time I waved off the social worker through my front window because I thought she was a Jehovah’s Witness. Or the time I answered the door because it was an investigator but I had to tell him to wait outside so I could put pants on. 😳😬 Gotta love surprise visits. 🤣” – Becky

“Waiting in line at McDonald’s with a three-year-old who called me “Mom” and was ADAMANT that the elderly man behind us was her birth dad…..and due to the circumstances, I couldn’t say for sure that he WASN’T….and he didn’t seem sure either…super awkward 😂🤣😂” – Janelle

“I had to do a paternity test for our infant. I had four others in care in tow, who obviously did not look like each other by any means! By the time we got to the lab, almost an hour away, the baby was ready to eat and the rest were cranky! I blazed into the room, struggling with my double stroller the ENTIRE time and just wanted to sit and get everyone situated. I sat far from the front desk and starting making a bottle. At this point it was mass hysteria!! 😅 A total crap show no doubt! From across the room, the receptionist asks: “What are you here for?” My response: “A paternity test.” 🤦‍♀️ Every head in the lobby looked straight down! 🤦‍♀️ I couldn’t explain but I’m sure I looked like a woman, with five different kiddos, five different men and wasn’t sure who the daddy was for one of them 🤷‍♀️ I was so embarrassed but had to laugh at the situation. It is what it is right?! 😂🤪” – Rikki

“Our fs is three and has a different skin tone than me. He has a bad habit of giving me dirty looks in public, and yelling, “Stop following me!” – Mary

Oh goodness, those are some good stories. Thank you to all who shared! We wouldn’t be laughing as hard without you. 😉

What’s your funniest foster care story?

Enjoy more funny stories and even share your funniest foster care story here!

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