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Intentional Community

Peer Networking

Connect one-on-one with other TFI Advocates who are just as passionate about supporting the foster care community as you! Rough day of ministry or life? Needing someone to bounce an idea off of? Feeling stuck? Call, text, or video conference with another leader who gets it! You aren’t leading alone when you are with TFI.

Small-Group Gatherings

Build tight-knit, authentic relationships with a small group of TFI Advocates through virtual meetings. We’ll do the planning. You show up ready to share ideas, give and receive encouragement, and grow in your leadership journey, all in an environment of genuine care and compassion for one another.

Ongoing Connection

Imagine having a place to ask others to stand with you in prayer, pose a question about running a specific ministry event, or watch and discuss leadership content together with other leaders. Do all that and more in our exclusive Facebook Group for TFI Advocates.

National Retreats

Don’t just meet virtually. Connect face-to-face with like-minded leaders! TFI Advocates are invited to attend our annual retreat for free! Spend 3 days & 2 nights with us where you’ll receive top-notch leadership training, and of course, lots of moments for sharing laughs and real conversation.