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Episode 234: Finding Forever Families for Every Child (w/ Kaycee Stanley)

Can you remember the child, family, or experience that inspired you to come alongside the foster care community? It’s likely you were inspired because you heard their story or got to see their action firsthand.

With an understanding of the power of story and a passion for children who are waiting for their forever families, Kaycee Stanley and her husband, Pete, launched The Reel Hope Project.

The Reel Hope Project tells the stories of children awaiting an adoptive family using videos as a recruitment resource for prospective adoptive families. Their goal is to see an end to youth waiting for families by mobilizing the church to take action.

In this episode, you’ll hear how God has used these videos to inspire action, how the Church can make a difference for children waiting for families, how they are supporting agency workers in giving children a voice, and so much more!



1. How can we reveal the heart of a child?

Kaycee shares that in some states, when a family makes the decision to adopt, they often don’t get access to more information than a child’s file. At times the file can read like more of a rap sheet. It may not get to the heart of who the child is and how they were designed by their Heavenly Father.

“Our hope is that these videos would help tell the full picture of who a child is so families don’t get lost reading paperwork and forget that there is a real kid.”

2. Videos are a powerful tool.

Agency workers can often feel overwhelmed and overworked. They care deeply about helping children find homes but don’t always have the tools to help match families beyond a child’s file. The Reel Hope Project is passionate about providing agency workers with this powerful tool to allow children to have a voice and speak for themselves.

“They are the ones who are trying to help families see kids for who they really are.”

3. We are all called to care for the vulnerable.

This might look different depending on your gifts and circumstances. It doesn’t always look like adopting a child. It could be becoming a foster parent or an agency worker, or upstream efforts like supporting vulnerable families.

“Not everyone is called to adoption. Not everyone is in a place in life where that is wise or doable, and that’s okay.”


We hope this episode has helped you wherever you are on your foster care journey. That’s the goal! If so, will you tell others?

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Meet Our Guest

Kaycee Stanley is the founder of The Reel Hope Project with her husband, Pete. During her time working as a youth pastor, Kaycee began to dream about how they could change the script around foster care adoption. Today, The Reel Hope Project tells the stories of children awaiting an adoptive family using videos as a recruitment resource for prospective adoptive families. Kaycee and Pete have four children, one by adoption whom they met through a Reel Hope video shoot.

Foster Parents, check with your agency to see if listening to this podcast will count toward your foster care training hours!


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